Page 13 - 18th Annual National Aberdeen Sale January 18, 2018 Red and Black Angus
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Her dsir e Prospects & Embryosyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

        34     R R
               ROW ECHO 75E
                                                 Halfblood Bull
           Color: Black  Tattoo:ROW75E  Reg. #:MM35284  BD:2/8/17  P/H/S:P  BW:66
           Consignor: Rowell Cattle
                                     FAIRWYN’S LOW BEAU 204M
           DUFF TRUST ME 2528       [ DUFF AMIGO 927K JUANADA 071
       DCS CASH 1C                   VITULUS BRANDED RED
           EZ SIZZLE 137X           [  EBC ULYSSES 41W

           KBW HELIOS               [  MCR FINDON’S MONARCHY
                                     EBC SUPER SONIC 97W
           ROW HH/SA COMM DAM 50A   [
       Echo is a very long sided, great fronted halfblood Moderator bull whose calves could really advance a
       Moderator herd. His unique pedigree combines fi ve terrifi c fullblood Aberdeen sires to insure genetic
       consistency - Low Beau, Branded Red, Ulysses, Monarchy and the National Champion “Super Sonic”   Lot 34
       Mr. Dakota.
        35     BMA BLUE BOY
               B B
                                                 Halfblood Bull
           Color: Blue Roan  Tattoo:JCB3E  Reg. #:MM34025  BD:3/27/17  P/H/S:P  BW:44
           Consignor: Bull Mountain Aberdeens
                                     MRC STANDING BEAR
       MCR DUCKY                     BRAMBLETYE ULTRA BEAU
           DDR BUTTERFLY            [  BAR J GERI 8H12 1L19
       Grass-ed beef producers – observe the attractive Blue Boy and his volume and muscle. With his
       low birth weight and soft, easy fl eshing look, he will add value and color to your calves.
                                                                                    Lot 35
        36     EMBRYO PACKAGE
               E E
           Consignor: Effertz EZ Ranch
       36A: 4 fullblood embryos MCR All Jacked Up FM18338 X 2008 Reserve National
       Champion Yes I’m Classy 281T FF5900. These should be exciting calves with above
       average growth and tremendous show potential. Her son will be on display in our
       pens at the NWSS.
                                                                  MCR All Jacked Up          Yes I’m Classy 281T
       Lot 36B: 4 red fullblood embryos Fireproof FM14350 X Lazy G Red Coral 4Y11
       FF14344. These Fireproof calves are really exciting. Red Coral has consistently
       produced exceptional calves, whatever the sire. These linebred calves will trace to
       one of the greatest breeding bulls in the red sector of Aberdeen genetics, Red by
       Design, AKA “Rudy.”

        37     E E
               EMBRYO PACKAGE

           Consignor: Fanning Cattle Company
                                                                     Fireproof              Lazy G Red Coral 4Y11
       37A: 4 fullblood embryos BCC Doc Holliday FM2117 X Haymaker Nessie 179T FF13028 An
       exciting mating of some vintage American Aberdeen genetics with tremendous success in the
       early 2000s. Nessie’s sire Brenton’s Image was one of the fi rst National Champion Bulls in
       2001. Doc Holliday sired more class winners at the NAILE shows in the early 2000’s than any
       bull in the breed.                                                                        BCC Doc Holliday

       Lot 37B: 4 fullblood embryos BCC Doc Holliday FM2117 X Haymaker Minnie 44T FF13027.
       Minnie, an own daughter of the Australian Champion Transam used so successfully for years
       by Eric Craig, is out of a great daughter to Admiral J222, the foundation sire of the foundation
       Brambletye herd in Australia. Doc Holliday genetics show up in many of the best of the breed.

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