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                                                                            Golden Buckle Gelbvieh
                                                                                 Dwight & Christina Dockter
                                                                             Bailey, Cheyenne, Dalton and Cierra

                                                                            4956 41st St. SE, Medina, ND 58467
                                                                              701-486-3494 •

             Dear Cattlemen,

             We would like to extend a big thank you to our past customers for your support of our program and invite you to our 2018
             Private Treaty Sale at the ranch.

             Bulls and heifers are for sale at any time with a special open house at the ranch, starting at noon on February17th. As our
             family is growing older, diversifying and moving away from the ranch, we decided that going back to a private treaty offering
             would accommodate our busy lives better, while still providing quality cattle to our customers.
             The bulls have been fed Harvest States Bull Challenger along with free choice hay. We target 3.5 pounds average daily gain to
             ensure good structural development and longevity.

             Some of the bulls have been polled tested and all black bulls have been coat tested; results are noted within the catalog. Since
             the bulls were photographed in December, please make sure to take a look at the videos available; they change a signifi cant
             amount in a few months!

             A select number of 2-year old bulls are available and cataloged.
             All registered replacement heifers are listed in this catalog. In addition, there are a number of commercial heifers also for sale.

             The heifers have been fed chopped hay with corn mixed in for a very modest gain. We believe in sending replacement heifers
             out to pasture ready to grow and breed easily in the spring. With this method of feeding, the heifers really bloom in the
             pasture and breed easily.

             We strive for problem free calving, excellent disposition, good udders and performance in our cattle. A good disposition is a
             must. Our cows have to be moderate framed & able to travel across pastures, as they are not pampered. Our cows
             are proving to be productive and have good longevity as we are seeing up
             to six generations all still producing in our herd. We were honored to be
             the home of 35 Dam of Distinction  & Dam of Merit cows. All of these
             cows were born & raised here at GBG. We were also listed in the top 20
             Dam of Merit and Dams of Distinction Owners and Breeders in the AGA
             for these elite cows in 2017.
             Raising cattle is our livelihood and we are happy to visit with you re-
             garding your bull and heifer needs, which bulls will work best in your
             program and to show you the cattle at any time.

             Th e Dock ters

        GOLDEN BUCKLE GELBVIEH                                              Videos: www.golden-buckle-gelbvieh.comd os
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