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Welcome to our 2018 Production Sale!
        We would all like to welcome you to our 2018 bull sale. It has
        been quite a busy year. Our son Tyler got married this last July
        in Michigan. It was a beautiful day to spend with family. We had
        a reception at the farm in September and it was great to see so
        many friends and family that were able to make it.
        The last year has been a trying time for everyone as we all have
        experienced the drought with our crops and cattle. With all the
        stress the cattle have gone through, they still have performed
        and weaned well – a testimonial to the genetics and easy-
        keeping cattle we strive to raise today.
        This year’s set of bulls show great potential after a stressful
        summer and earlier weaning date. They have proven that the
        genetics we have raised and bred are being successful for us
        and will be for you.

        These calves are on a corn silage/hay blend with whole oats and
        corn and our bull developer feed mix. We feel that these cattle
        have developed well over time with the right feed plan and we
        are very happy with the performance they have shown so far.
        Feel free to stop by the farm to view this great offering of
        powerful growth bulls sired by some of the best. This is the fi rst
        offering of calves out of Worldwide and Celebrity, some of our
        newest herd sires, and they are at the top of their class! Please
        call and let us know what you are looking for and we will work
        with you to fi nd the best sire or female to fi t your herd’s needs.

                     Durnell, Darcy & Trey Klain
                Tyler & Carrie Klain, Adam & Dalyce Balk


             Simmental Ranch

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