Page 2 - Tokach Angus 43rd Annual Production Sale – Feb. 19, 2018
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        Welcome to our 43rd Performance sale to be held February 19, 2018,
        at Kist Livestock Auction, Mandan ND.
        As I refl ect on the past year or so, the one word that most readily
        comes to mind is “remarkable.” Let me explain.

        The Weather: Going from three back-to-back blizzards in December
        of 2016 to  one of the driest summers on record in 2017 was nothing
        short of remarkable.
        That tough winter was followed up by one of the driest summers
        on record with many producers cutting little or even no hay in early
        2017. Thankfully we received rain in early August that salvaged our
        boot-top-tall corn. Fields that did not grow a crop earlier in the year
        because of the drought soon became lush fi eld of weeds which saved
        many of us from having to buy more hay.
        The Markets: What a remarkable recovery the cattle markets made in
        2017. The experts were proven wrong once again as the cattle markets
        climbed faster and higher than anyone was expecting. Customers are telling me they sold cattle for $200 to $300 dollars more per head than just
        a year ago. That is a lot of difference within one year.
        The Cow: It is truly remarkable how this animal can go from record-high temperatures to record lows in just six months of time. Yet we expect
        her to calve on time, breed back and wean a heavy calf in the fall – or we cull her. I read the other day that the highest temperature recorded
        in Texas is only 10 degrees hotter than the highest in North Dakota.  However, I am unsure how many Texans would want to experience the
        record -47 air temperature that our neighboring town of Hettinger recently experienced.
        Certifi ed Angus Beef: The demand for high quality Angus beef has never been stronger. From the fi rst pound of CAB sold in 1978 to a re-
        cord-setting 1.21 billion lbs. sold in 2017, the growth of CAB is a remarkable success story. That is over 3.3 million lbs./day to consumers who
        vote with their pocketbook every day all over the world.
        The Cattle: I feel we have a remarkable set of bulls and females for your appraisal in our 2018 sale. All the registered cattle will have genom-
        ic-enhanced EPDs just like last year to provide you will the latest and most accurate genetics predictions in the industry. Once again, we are
        offering new sire groups for past and new customers alike as well as sire groups that have been sired by bulls that have been sought after in the
        past. We have been stacking genetic trait leaders for generations to provide our customers the most return for their invested dollars. Whether
        you want a low-birth-weight, calving-ease bull, a top-growth bull, a high-carcass bull or a combination of all three, we have volume numbers of
        half and three-quarter brothers to satisfy your needs. The Tokach females have earned their reputation the old-fashion way. They are bred and
                                                                            developed to run in big country with a minimum
                                                                            of inputs and care. They are big-outlined, broody
                                                                            females that are like peas in a pod and all carry that
                                                                            trademark “TOKACH FEMALE” look.
                                                                            The sale cattle have been handled the same as in the
                                                                            past. The cattle have not been on creep feed and are
                                                                            not on commercial feed. The bulls were weaned in
                                                                            early October and the bred heifers taken off grass
                                                                            on December 1. Birth weight are taken with a scale,
                                                                            weaning weights taken at weaning and yearling
                                                                            weights taken just in time for this catalog to go to
                                                                            The cattle can be seen at Kist Livestock Auction
                                                                            in Mandan from February 17 until sale time. Prior
                                                                            to that time, they and the cowherd can be seen at
                                                                            the ranch at your convenience. Thank you to all our
                                                                            remarkable customers!
        2015 Certifi ed Angus Beef “Commitment to Excellence” Award Winnertifi ed Angus Beef “Commitment to Excellence” Award Winner
        2015 Cer
                                                                                                  Tokach Angus Ranch
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