Page 8 - Tokach Angus 43rd Annual Production Sale – Feb. 19, 2018
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                                                               A A        RB TOUR OF DUTY 177
                                                                                  Reg. 16984170
                                                                          BD: 1/24/11
                                                                CED  BW  WW  MILK  YW  MARB  RIB  $W  $F  $G  $B
                                                                 6  2.8  67  32  117  0.37  0.97  66.05 63.12 36.11  142.39
                                                                • TOUR OF DUTY is a very long bodied, wide based, attractive patterned bull from a
                                                                 proven high impact cow family with a big time curve bender EPD profi le
                                                                • TOUR OF DUTY is a moderate birth weight bull that ranks in the top 10% of the
                                                                 breed for WW, YW, Milk, Docility, Carcass weight, Rib Eye and $W
                                                                • Use Tour of Duty to add exceptional body length and docility, improve feet and leg
                                                                 structure and increase pay weights across the scale
                                        RB Tour of Duty 177Tour of Duty 177

                                                               B B        CONNEALY BLACK GRANITE
                                                                          BD: 1/13/11
                                                                                  Reg. 17028963
                                                                CED  BW  WW  MILK  YW  MARB  RIB  $W  $F  $G  $B
                                                                 14  0.3  58  21  98  0.37  0.72  68.29 62.65 29.89  131.19
                                                                • BLACK GRANITE is a sure-fi re calving ease sire that adds more length, frame size
                                                                 and yearling weight then you would expect in a low birth weight sire
                                                                • BLACK GRANITE started out with a 69 lb birth weight, recorded an 822 lb. 205
                                                                 day weight, a 1470 lb yearling weight
                                                                • Use Black Granite to lower birthweights, add body length, increase rib eye size,
                                                                 improve dispositions and sire superior replacement females
                                      Connealy Black Graniteranite
                                      Connealy Black G

                                                               C C        KCF BENNETT ABSOLUTE
                                                                                  Reg. 16430795
                                                                          BD: 3/8/09
                                                                CED  BW  WW  MILK  YW  MARB  RIB  $W  $F  $G  $B
                                                                  11  -0.2  63  18  116  0.65  0.71  65.24 86.26 37.15  153.90
                                                                • Absolute is a highly sought after, short supply bull from the ABS Bull Stud. His
                                                                 fi rst sons topped sales all across the country the past two years
                                                                • ABSOLUTE ranks in the top 1% for Feed Effi ciency  and the top 10% for Total
                                                                 Profi t through the Angus Sire Alliance Test
                                                                • Use ABSOLUTE Sons to lower birth weights, moderate frame size, strengthen
                                                                 maternal traits and increase feed effi ciency genetics
                                       KCF Bennett AbsoluteCF Bennett Absolute

                                                                         CALVING-EASE GUIDE
                                                       In order to more accurately describe the calving ease of various bulls,
                                                       we have instituted the following rating system based on actual birth
                                                       weight, CED and BW EPDs and DNA information.

                                                       ★★★  Recommended for heifers
                                                       ★★     Recommended for larger-framed heifers and cows
                                                       ★      Recommended for cows

        6                                                                                         Tokach Angus Ranch
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