Page 2 - Turtle River Cattle Co. Annual Red Angus Bull Sale, Bred & Yearling Heifers – Feb. 19, 2018
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                                                               Welcome Fellow Cattlemen,

                                                               This is our 10th annual bull sale. This year things have
                                                               changed some with us acquiring a herd of cattle from Scott
                                                               Farm Red Angus, MN. This has given us the opportunity to
                                                               have great new genetics in our herd. Any cow with the prefi x
                                                               SCTT is out of that herd.

                                                               We would like to thank all our customers – past, present and
                                                               future – for believing in our program and we strive to do our
                                                               best to make our cattle better for you. This year’s set of bulls
         Ryan and Ron                                          is the best we have ever raised! From top to bottom, they
                                                               are as strong as you can make them. There are power bulls,
                                                       heifer bulls, and bulls that will work for both! There is a bull in here for

                                                       We are also offering a very strong set of open and bred heifers. There
                                                       are nine open heifers and six bred heifers. These females will make
                                                       excellent additions to any herd. The bulls are being developed on a
                                                       ration of grass hay, alfalfa hay, beet pulp, corn screenings, a mineral
                                                       pack and corn distillers. This is a 48 Mega-cal ration for them to gain
                                                       3 pounds a day.

                                                       Our operation is based in Grand Forks, ND. This includes Ron Clemet-
                                                       son, his son Tyler Clemetson, who is starting his own new herd with
                                                       us, along with Ryan and his wife Laura, and their Australian Shepard,
                                                       Angus. We also have our partner, Ed Uriell from Lakota, ND. The prefi x
                                                       NCRA are mostly ET calves that come from our cows that we have
                                                       been fl ushing.

                                                       If you can’t make it to the sale, it will be broadcasted on CattleUSA.
                                                       com. Get registered early so you can get approved to bid online. If
                                                       you have any questions feel free to give any of us a call and we will
                                    Ryan, Laura and Angus  try to answer any questions you have. We look forward to seeing our
                                                       customers and friends and making new ones! See you all on sale day!

                                                       Sincerely, Turtle River Cattle Co.

                                                                                       Ron & Ryan Clemetson
                                                                                          1857 21st Ave NE
                                                                                       Grand Forks, ND 58203
                                                                                        (701) 739-0639 – Ron
         Tyler Clemetson                      Ed Uriell                                 (701) 741-6407 – Ryan
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