Page 2 - DK Red Angus Production Sale Bulls, Yearling Heifers Charolais Composite – March 3, 2018
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        We would like to welcome you to our production sale. What a diff erent year this has
        been! Hopefully we have nice weather for calving and some good early moisture for a big
        hay crop and grass to make lots of pounds of beef!

        Again the bulls were bucket fed CHS pellets and Feed Mix Bull Ration twice a day with
        free-choice grass hay. Th  ey are not  fed for the show but to go to work for you and keep
        growing. We shoot for a 3-lb. daily gain on test and we know these bulls could gain a
        lot more but would only hurt them in the long run. We feel this is one of our best set of
        bulls top to bottom. Many of these bulls are suitable to use on heifers.

        For those of you that can’t make it to the sale, you’ll be able to watch & bid on DVAuc- Videos of the bulls will be available a couple of weeks before the sale at the website but remember that the video was shot a month before the sale
        and the younger bulls are still pretty green. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to
        call us. Th  e bulls will sell pretty much in birthdate order as listed in the catalog. Ultra-
        sound carcass data will be available a few days before the sale.

        Also bulls will be delivered free to U.S. central locations within 500 miles and we will work with you on further distances.

        You are welcome to come look at the bulls at the ranch before the sale.  We would be happy to show you the sires & dams. Give us a call – we’d be glad
        to assist you in fi nding the right bull to fi t your herd.
                                                     Th  ank you and God Bless,
                                                      The Kuefflers
                                       Scott and Connie, Michala and Kirsti Kueffl  er • Bonnie Kueffl  er
                                                DK Red Angus
                              Box 187 • Grenora, ND 58845 • (701) 694-3620 (h) • (701) 641-0519 (c)

        View pre-sale video footage of the bulls and watch & bid online for free at
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