Page 2 - Effertz Key Ranch 40th Annual Bull Sale Charolais and Salers Optimizers – March 8, 2018
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Welcome to our

             40th Annual Bull Sale.

        Greetings from Effertz Key Ranch!
        I suppose we could start by saying somebody forgot     between red and black hides.  They include different
        to tell the Big Boy that it should rain in this country   percentages of Angus and Salers.  There are a few
        once in a while, but I will leave that to a person more   carrying a percentage of Charolais.
        qualifi ed than me.
                                                               We know it’s always busy this time of year.  We welcome
        This our 40th Annual Bull Sale, and I am starting to   you to come by and take a look at the bulls at our ranch
        think that the intrigue of this business is in evaluating   or study the videos on our website before the sale.  If
        seedstock.  We decided to take two pens of bulls to the   you can’t make it to Rugby Livestock on sale day, call us
        National Western Stock Show in Denver after a four-year   to discuss the bull options that will fi t your cows, even
        break.  After getting a dose of how EPDs, DNA, and all   if you plan to bid online with  If you
        the rest of the numbers trump an animal’s phenotype in   have any problems, feel free to call one of us on our cell
        a show competition, you can get into some stimulating   phones.
        conversations.  One of the comments I found interesting     Roger –701-720-1156
        was there are only two breeds that offer maximum            Kevin – 701-720-1363
        heterosis to our commercial cow herd mix in the             Neil – 701-471-0153
        country today:  Brahman and Charolais.  Most of our
                                                               I feel good about the industry we’re in, and I look
        commercial cowherds have a mix of all the other breeds
                                                               forward to doing business with new and old friends on
        in them, which dilutes heterosis.  We believe maximum
                                                               March 8.
        heterosis is still very important.
                                                               If you have questions, give us a call.
        We are still focusing on featuring healthy sound bulls
        that have been tested and measured to show the                    Roger Effertz and the EKR Crew
        differences in their potential.  These bulls were weaned
        off of what I would call average grass with no creep, but
        when these genetics get to the bunk, the rate of gain
        averages over 4 pounds which tells me the performance
        is bred into these bulls.

        As to our sale offering, it is similar to last year with
        69 Charolais bulls and 45 Salers bulls.  Some of our
        Charolais carry a buckskin gene and even though are
        purebred Char, they may have different shades of red
        hide.  Some of these red-hided bulls will throw black
        hide on black cows. Our Salers offering is split in half
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