Page 2 - Milk Creek Reds Annual Red Angus Bull Sale – March 17, 2018
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        Welcome to our 2018 bull sale and the program that has developed the genetics that are found throughout the pages of this catalog.
        We hope that you will fi nd the offering of these genetics to fi t the needs of your operation and that their progeny will continue to
        make your business and the rest of the cattle industry profi table. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best information
        available in order to make the best decisions possible for their operation. The information that was not available by catalog deadline
        can be found on our website and will be available sale day. If you need additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

        Our program continues to emphasize producing the type of cattle that will produce profi table offspring with a limited amount
        of inputs. As you look through our sire lineup you will see many different pedigrees represented but when you look at the cattle
        hopefully you will see a consistent type. Our primary focus has been, and will always be, to produce a functionally sound female
        that fi ts our environment. She needs to do her job with limited feed inputs, high udder quality, correct feet structure, fertility and
        a good disposition. These attributes not only work for us but they work for the commercial man who wants his cows to bring in a
        profi t.

        We started out as a commercial operation and continue to run a commercial herd along with our purebred cattle. We marketed our
        steers to the same Kansas feeder that allows us to get carcass information back to evaluate the carcass merit of the sires we are
        using. We utilize the carcass evaluation along with the ultrasound of our bulls to determine which genetics can produce a profi t
        for the feedlot segment of our industry while still producing the females that work with lower costs to the cow-calf segment of the

        We once again will be teaming up with Top Dollar Angus to provide another marketing alternative for our customers. You will
        notice the Top Dollar logo on some of the bulls in the offering that qualify them for the marketing program that is explained later in
        the catalog. Our goal is to continue to provide added value to our customers’ cattle.
        In the midst of a drought we have had an exciting summer with numerous family milestones. Our oldest daughter, Cele, was
        married to Jeff Menees on June 24 at the ranch. Three days later we celebrated 30 years of marriage. On August 4th we hosted a
        Ketchum family reunion followed by our 100-year ranch celebration on the 5th of August. These family celebrations allowed us to
        rise above the circumstances and enjoy the important things in life.
        We are thankful for the opportunity to steward the resources that we have been blessed with and to meet so many great people
        that are involved in the Red Angus breed. We look forward to visiting with or seeing many of you in the near future.

        God Bless You!
        Milk Creek Reds
        Bruce, Tena, and Jaclyn Ketchum, Jeff & Cele Menees
                                                             As servants of the Lord,
                                                             we are striving to be
                                                             stewards of the land and
                                                             cattle that He created and
                                                             allowed us to manage so
                                                             that we may glorify Him.

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