Page 2 - Rohrich’s Cutting Edge Ranch Annual Red Angus Bull Sale – March 16, 2018
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                                                                                  Rick & Amber Rohrich
                                                                             2838 Hwy. 3 • Steele, ND 58482

                                Rick and Amber,
                                Rick and Amber,
                        Kaden, Kylee and Kolden Rohrich
                        Kaden, Kylee and Kolden Rohrich

                   First of all, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued interest and support
                   in our program! We work and try very hard to bring you the genetics you need to continue to move
                   your herd forward and produce top end, functional, effi cient cattle with all the maternal traits to pro-
                   duce replacement females for the herd, after all, it takes a good momma to make a good bull!

                   This year was a tough one for many of us with the extreme drought. We fed mostly all of our cows
                   until around August 3rd to allow the grass to grow as much as possible. We thankfully started to get
                   rain in early August and in around 2 weeks received about 6 inches of moisture which made for an
                   outstanding silage crop and sorghum-sudangrass that yielded almost 8 bales an acre, so we were
                   fortunate to get enough feed put together for our cows.

                   In the past, we have always had an excess of pasture and forage so we decided to take on around 100
                   head of Purebred Red Angus cows from Mike McCormick from Caledonia, MN. You will see some
                   bulls in our sale with his prefi x. The bulls were all born and raised on our ranch and we look forward
                   to keep doing business with Mike and his good cows he brought us.

                   We are currently calving out about 450 head of which are all 100% 1A Red Angus with the exception
                   of a few Black/Red carriers that we are having some fun with!

                   As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

                   Rick Rohrich
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