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New Year’s Eve Extravaganza

        LOAD OUT AND DELIVERY ARRANGEMENTS                     The bull calves will be sold as guaranteed breeders according to the sale terms and
        Load out on females will start at 9 a.m. Jan 1. Deliveries will be   conditions of the RAAA. We will keep bulls free of charge until March 1, 2017, at
        coordinated at the least possible cost to the buyer. We will charge   which time they will be semen checked and need to be picked up or delivered. You
        whatever it costs us to deliver from our place to wherever we meet you.   can arrange to have the bulls fed at $4 per day until March 20, 2017, at which time
        If you are not hauling your own cattle we will collect trucking fees at   you need to pick them up or arrange delivery as we need pen space for cow-calf
        time of delivery.                                      pairs.

        VACCINATION RECORDS                                    The heifer calves have been brucellosis vaccinated and will be sold as guaranteed
        All the calves have been vaccinated starting at birth, again at grass   breeders according to the sale terms and conditions of RAAA. Heifers and bred
        turnout, weaning and post weaning poured/dewormed. Vaccinations   heifers not delivered prior to Jan. 10 will be subject to $4-per-head-per-day feed
        include 7-Way clostridial (types A, C, D & E), IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV,   charge.
        mycoplasma, haemophilus somnus and pastuerellas. If you would like
        specifi c details on products, please give one of us a call.   Bred heifers will be pregnancy checked again prior to the sale. They are brucellosis
                                                               vaccinated and on the same herd health program as the heifer calves.

        The open and bred heifers are pretty much put into lot order accord-  than really light birth weight calves. You will notice some of our birth
        ing to birthdate. We picked a couple of our favorites in each group to   weights are higher than normally seen in a Red Angus herd and you
        start the sale with and then cataloged by birth date order. Right, wrong  will see that in print in the catalog. If you don’t know us, you will soon
        or otherwise this is the way we have put the heifers in catalog order for  realize that what you see is what you get. We don’t sugar coat it for
        years. We don’t stack the catalog with good ones, they will sell as they   you to make you like the information. Our integrity and reputation is
        were born. Just as in the past we are offering all the registered heifer   important to us and rest assured we will give you our honest opinion
        calves born on the place with the exception of four head. Jacob picked  about the cattle.
        out a show heifer to keep. We kept a set of twins out of a cow that got
        struck by lightning this summer and one June-born heifer calf.  We   If you do not have internet and would like a DVD of the sale video
        will be more than happy to show you those on sale day. We know that   sent to you, please give us a call. If you would like to talk about one of
        there are heifers in the sale that may not fi t each and every program   the lots, please give one of us a call. If you are interested in the bred
        and we respect that. The bulls will be sold in groups sorted by calving   heifers, please give Dave Kemen a call. Jason Frey and Justin Dikoff
        ease and bulls recommended for use on cows. Sale order is catalog   will have seen the cattle numerous times prior to the sale. The rest of
        order so you can enjoy the sale without fl ipping pages back and forth.  the sale consultants, ring staff and auctioneer will have seen the cattle
                                                               in the days prior to the sale if you need one of them to give you their
        We don’t chase trends and jump on the next new hot sire every year.   opinions or place bids for you. You can check out our website at www.
        We go out, visually inspect the herd sires, then take a look at pedigree or Facebook page, Lazy J Bar Ranch, for updates
        and numbers to see if they will work in our herd. We feel it is impor-  and announcements prior to the sale.
        tant to look at foot and leg structure and the way a bull travels prior to
        using him. We like to raise cattle that have plenty of performance and   We do reserve the right to fl ush any of the heifers in the sale one time
        even breed our heifers to what many will say is too big a bull to use   (unless noted in footnotes) for our own in-herd use. When we offer
        on heifers. We like to see a 78-plus-pound calf born on our ranch in   you all of our females we need some sort of way to keep our genetics
        the spring as they survive our cold South Dakota climate much better   in our herd. Hope to see you on New Year’s Eve!

                Homestead where John’s dad was born                           Corrals at the homestead

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