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D&S Cattle Co.

                 D&S Cattle Co. is located on Beaver Creek on the east
                 side of Sarpy in south eastern Montana. We run a cow
                 calf operation in addition to the horses. Although D&S
                                                                       Ga Gary
                 Cattle Co. is a recent entity, the Bonine Ranch part of   Gary & Ginger ry & Ginger & Ginger
                 this ranch has been in the family for 115 years.
        Jordan Eskew and Hadlie Hansen are in charge at the lower place
        where all the cows are in the winter. Sarah & Joe Miller are holding
        down the fort at the upper ranch. We trail the cows down to the               Jordan Eskew &rdan Eskew
                                                                                      Jordan Eskew & &
        lower place in the fall and up again in the spring so we can calve            Hadlie Hansen
                                                                                      Hadlie Hansen
        up at the upper ranch.
        Robbie Moore starts all the
        young horses and shows the                                                                   Sa
                                                                                                     Sarah & Joe Miller
                                                                                                     Sarah & Joe MiM llerrah & Joe MiM ller
        Rancher Heritage Horses.
        Stephanie Jones keeps
        Robbie in line, cleans the
        barn and is “Ace’s” personal
        groom. All the horses we
        raise here are Rancher
        Heritage horses.
                                                                                                        Robbie Moorebbie MoooreMoore
                                                                                         St S St S Stephanie Jonesephanie Jonesephanie Jones  Ro Robbie
        Trips Two Bucks

                    TRIPS TWO BUCKS

                                      2013 Buckskin Stallion
                                             TWO EYED RED BUCK
                           BUCKS N MOORE    {  ZANDY JOE JACKIE
                           JACKIES RED BUCK   TWO EYED RED BUCK
                                            {  LIL COUNTRY JACK
                                             CHICS TRIPLE QUEEN
                           SHORT GO BLONDIE   SHORT GO DRIFTWOOD
                                            {  DRIFTWOOD NENA
        We purchased Trips Two Bucks at the Pitzer sale. Already in his young life he
        knew what work is. He has a great attitude and a smooth way of going. We
        have three 2016 foals out of him and Gary is pretty enthusiastic about them.
        This year we will have more foals and they will be for sale at the Sperry Sale.

        Bud Sperry “Old Cowboy” Memorial Scholarship al Scholarship

        The Bud Sperry “Old Cowboy” Memorial Scholarship was created to honor Bud and all the other old e other old
                                                                     eniors have
        cowboys that gave so much to our cowboy culture. In the last fi ve years, 48 high school seniors have
        received scholarships. Contributions and memorials will ensure a strong future for the scholarship.
        Please contact a family member for more information.
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