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Romeo White Feathers

                                                                           ROMEO WHITE FEATHERS
                                                                                             1995 Cremello Stallion

                                                                                                    DOC’S JACK FROST
                                                                                  SUN FROST        { PRISSY CLINE
                                                               FRENCHMANS GUY  {  FRENCHMAN’S LADY   LAUGHING BOY
                                                                                                   { CASEY’S LADYLOVE

                                                               TIME FOR SHARNI   { SHARNI           NIJONI PARR
                                                                                  ALICE TONTO       MY BEST FRIEND
                                                                                                   {  THUNDERGAL
                                                               Romeo White Feathers is the back bone of our program. This cremello
                                                               stallion is a son of Frenchmans Guy. Romeo has proven himself in the arena
                                                               as a winner, from futurities to PRCA, in several events from barrel racing,
                                                               pole bending, tie down, team roping and goat tying. But one of the most
                                                               important qualities he has is disposition; he has been hauled everywhere
                                                               and is a well-mannered gentle man. We are pleased with his off spring as we
                                                               are competing on them as well. Romeo White Feathers is nominated to the
                                                               5 States Breeder Futurity and Cowboy State Stallion Incentive.
                       Romeo White Feathers and Claire
                                                               RL Performance Horses are very excited for the future as we are crossing
                                                               the daughters of Romeo White Feathers to Millie N Docs Oak.

                                                               Sweet Frost Feathers and KayTee

                                                               2017 Futurity Results
                                                               Classic Equine Barrel Futurity Buckeye, Arizona
                                                               Third in 2D Average, Placed in Amateur Average and Go

                                                               Greg Olsen Barrel Futurity Buckeye , Arizona
                                                               Second in 2D Average, Placed in Amateur Average and Go

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