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        Dear Friends,

        Some days it’s an exciting time in the cattle business, and some days it’s a challeng-
        ing time in the cattle business! I tend to believe that the more years of experience we
        have in the cattle business, the more we realize we have been through these market
        cycles and tough winters before. But we know that the cycles will rebound, green
        grass will arrive, and baby calves will run in the spring.

        I am glad the cattle market made a bottom in October and has started to strengthen
        since then. This was the right year to feed your calves and the right year to sell heavy
        calves. Breeding stock is more affordable than in the past, so now is the time to move
        up to younger, more athletic bulls that will get the job done.

        We have an exciting sale line-up and hope you will come see for yourself. Our Charolais offering provides a nice selec-
        tion of yearling bulls. We also have something new this year – a group of fi ve fall bulls that are really gentle, high-per-
        forming bulls. These bulls come from some of the top-selling females in the M&M dispersal this fall. We also have an
        outstanding and very uniform set of coming 2-year-old bulls, all from fi rst-calf heifers. These bulls will provide extra
        breeding power!

        The Angus offering will have seven very good coming 2-year-olds bulls with lots of performance and thickness. We will
        have 40 yearling Angus bulls, mostly AI sired by many different breed-leading sires, and also an excellent set of year-
        lings from our herd bulls.

        We will be selling 18 purebred Angus bred heifers. We are trying to reduce our herd numbers and workload, so we
        selected mainly a set of March and April calving bred heifers for sale. This is an excellent set of young females with lots
        of size and depth to them. These heifers are from AI service and our proven herd bulls. They are bred to a proven calv-
        ing-ease son of Connealy Capitalist that adds a lot of thickness to his calves. Also a few will be carrying the fi rst calves
        from Herbster Equity, a Property son that goes back to SAV Priority.

        The year 2017 marks our 42nd year of selling bulls and our 26th sale at Kist Livestock. Without the support of many
        good cattle friends and longtime customers we would not have succeeded this long. For the loyal support, we say a
        sincere “thank you” many times over.

        We feel we have an excellent sale offering and hope you can make it to the sale to see all the cattle. You can also watch
        the sale and bid online at DVAuction. Ray Trudeau will again be at our sale this year selling mortality and injury insur-
        ance. We purchase insurance on all of our new purchases for the fi rst year. I know many of you purchased insurance
        last year from Ray, and a variety of unfortunate things do happen to working bulls, so I know there were a few claims
        paid out too. Try to visit with Ray to learn how he can help protect your investment.

        We will start calving by end of January, so we ask that the 2-year-old and fall bulls, along with the bred heifers, all go to
        their new homes directly from the sale. So, please bring your trailers and maybe a neighbor too, as there will be lots of
        good cattle to pick from.

        Join us for a hot meal at the Kist Livestock Café at noon. Hope to see you at the sale and please feel free to call if we
        can help in any way.

        Thank you,
        Jan, Sally Jo, Randy & Rod Severance

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