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                                                           CHAROLAIS YEARLING BULLS
                                                                      2         JLS RESOURCE 3760 PLDCE 3760 PLD
                                                                                JLS RESOUR
                                                                              BIRTH DATE:  2/20/16
                                                                                           TATTOO: 3760
                                                                                                        H/P/S: POLLED
                                                                                                LT ASSERTION 1277 P
                                                                            LT BLUEGRASS 4017 P
                                                                       LT LEDGER 0332 P         |LT PEARL’S BREEZE 2236 P
                                                                                                LT RIO BRAVO 3181 P
                                                                            LT BRENDA 6120 PLD   |LT BRENDA’S EASE 3055PLD
                                                                            LT BRIDGER 1288 PLD   LT BRIDGER 9191 PLD
                                                                     JLS DIAMOND 3760 PLD       |LT WILLOW 5223 PLD
                                                                                                GCR MIGHTY ADONIS J02 ET
                                                                            JLS LADY ADONIS 760 PLD
                                                                                                |JLS PRIME CUT 260 POLLED
                                                                BW WW  WR  YW  ADG   SC   CE  BW WW  YW   M  MCE  MTL  SC
                                                                93 747 107             4.8 0.5 36  69  8  2.0  26  1.5
                                                               Lot 2 is a true resource by not only being a son of Ledger, but also out of a great proven cow family
                                                               that has many generations of above average growth.

                                                                      3         JLS PACE SETTER 957 PLDACE SETTER 957 PLD POLLED
                                                                                JLS P
                                                                                           TATTOO: 957
                                                                              BIRTH DATE:  2/5/16
                                                                            TR MR PACER 815     TR MR PACE SETTER 6558S
                                                                       SCC PACER 79A PLD        |C&S MISS IMI SPORT 622
                                                                                                SCC IMPRESSIVE 44M PLD
                                                                            SCC 44M 49P PLD     |SCC MISS ELLY 20L PLD
                                                                                                WCR PRIME CUT 764 PLD
                                                                            ACE PRIME UP 981 ET
                                                                     JLS MEDORA 957 PLD         |JCA ALI ET
                                                                                                DF GRATITUDE 2007
                                                                            JLS GRATITUDE 157 PLD
                                                                                                |JLS EASE 657 POLLED
                                                                BW WW  WR  YW  ADG   SC   CE  BW WW  YW   M  MCE  MTL  SC
                                                                96 767 108             3.5 1.8 34  74  8  1.6  25  0.7
                                                               Pace Setter is a fast-growing leader not only in the pasture, but also a leader in the feedlot. Sire of
                                                               this lot was a high selling bull in the Schmidt Cattle Company production sale in Gordon, NE, in 2014.
                                                               Dam is one of our favorite Gratitude x Prime Up 981 daughters.
                                Lot 3
                                                                                JLS RED BULL 0
                                                                      4         JLS RED BULL 0262 PLD262 PLD
                                                                                                        H/P/S: POLLED
                                                                              BIRTH DATE:  2/14/16
                                                                                           TATTOO: 0262
                                                                                                LHD CIGAR E46
                                                                            DS MR BIG CIGAR W20
                                                                       MD STREET SLEW A1205     |LHD MS TRADEMARK L1631
                                                                                                LHD STREET SENSE S1583 P
                                                                            MD MS STREET U1519   |MD MS TRADEMARK 51104
                                                                            ACE PRIME UP 981 ET   WCR PRIME CUT 764 PLD
                                                                     JLS HOT BABE 0262 PLD      |JCA ALI ET
                                                                                                HTA WHITEHOT 105A
                                                                            JLS WHITEHOT LADY 262PLD
                                                                                                |JLS TUNDRESS 622 POLLED
                                                                BW WW  WR  YW  ADG   SC   CE  BW WW  YW   M  MCE  MTL  SC
                                                                87 726 102             4.9 1.8 40  76  5  6.3  25  1.2
                                                               The dam of this bull was bred in Missouri, and we purchased her back when Utopia Genetics
                                                               dispersed the herd. Sally and I sorted through the sale offering and brought back a number of great
                                                               cows that we had sold. We knew that this cow was one of the great ones, and we wanted to rebuild
                                                               the cow family. There are so many things right about this bull. First of all, he has an exceptional, laid
                                Lot 4                          back disposition. His growth is superb, 790# actual weaning weight on 9/28/16, and his structure and
                                                               thickness is excellent. We did DNA test this bull for parentage, and he does not match his pasture sire
                                                               so we believe he was sired by the neighbors red factor bull. If I had a set of red colored commercial
                                                               cows, I would turn this bull out and watch the calves grow!

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