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        In 1997, Dr. Dave ”Doc” Hehli,                                                        Messmer Millie 124P, the
        at the urging of his son Todd                                                         dam of Messmer Packer, and
        who was in the Limousin                                                               Messmer Pandora M186,
        business, made his initial                                                            the dam of Messmer Jericho
        investment in Red Angus                                                               and Messmer Joshua. Doc
        cattle at the Beckton Stock                                                           said he learned while in the
        Farms operation. At the time,                                                         Holstein business to buy the
        Doc did not realize there were                                                        top cows and the “headliners”
        different classifi cations of                                                          in every sale and only buy the
        Red Angus cattle and out of                                                           best. This philosophy sets
        the three potloads of females   Dr. Dave “Doc” & Mary Hehli  Denise & Mitch Larson    the Damar program apart
        he bought that day, over 2/3                                                          from many in the business
        were 1B percentage animals. The cattle were good and Doc decided he   – Doc says they implanted 600 embryos a season during the prime
        really liked Red Angus as a breed.                     production years and spent in excess of $100,000 a year in doing so.
        The next year, Doc attended the Bootjack Dispersal in October 1998   The dedication and drive that Dr. Dave Hehli put toward the Damar
        and purchased four potloads of 1A 100% cattle from one of the most   Farms program offers every serious Red Angus and Simmental
        prestigious Red Angus programs in the country. At the time, he didn’t   breeder the opportunity to buy superior genetics that were developed
        realize what a powerful set of females he had purchased until fi ve or   from the best-of-the-best from both breeds since the 1990s. Doc Hehli
        six years later when he started to venture out and promote Damar   and Damar Farms will be missed in the future of the beef business but
        Farms and listened to the respect cattlemen had for his genetics based   don’t think for a minute that their genetics won’t be the driving force of
        off of the Beckton and Bootjack operations.            both the Red Angus and Simmental breeds for decades to come. Doc,
                                                               thanks for your commitment and contributions over the years. You will
        His other purchases early on included 11 head from the Dunphy’s   be missed! – KG 2017
        Shamrock Nook Red Angus herd of Wisconsin and 17 head from
        the Messmer Dispersal of North Dakota. It was in the Messmer   (This article was written by Kyle Gilchrist as Doc was in the Mayo Clinic
        Dispersal that Doc made some phenomenal purchases including   at the time of catalog printing.)

        DAMAR FARMS Last Danc e
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