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        SALE ORDER:                                            CATTLE REGISTRATION TRANSFERS:
          Cattle will sell in catalog order. Lots 1 – 609 sell Saturday; Lots   All cattle selling will be transferred to the buyer following the
          610 – 1024 on Sunday.                                  auction by Damar Farms. Unborn calves at sale time will be
        DIRECTIONS TO THE FARM:                                  eligible for registration and calves at side will be registered by
          Take Hwy 37 South of I 94 8.8 miles to Hemlock Road. Turn   Damar Farms and transferred to the buyer.
          right 2.2 miles , turn left on Cooncreek road or Albany J. 2.2   PAYMENT:
          miles to the farm. If you are coming from any other direction   All money and payment transactions are to be made directly to
          go to Mondovi and turn onto Hwy H North, 7 miles to the farm.    Damar Farms immediately after the auction.
          Please note, the locals say, “Do not to use your GPS. It will get   LOADOUT:
          you lost.”
                                                                 Cattle may be loaded out on Saturday, February 11 from 3 p.m.
        POST-SALE CARE OF CATTLE:                                to 6 p.m., and all day on Sunday beginning at 9 a.m. Please
          Many of the cows selling in this auction are either due to calve   plan accordingly and be at the Mondovi Farm in line by 5 p.m. if
          right around the sale date or have very small newborn calves.    you want to load out on Saturday.
          Damar Farms will keep cows with calves too small to transport   CATTLE VIEWING:
          for up to 3 weeks following the auction. These cattle will be   You may view the cattle the weekend prior to the auction –
          cared for with due diligence but will be solely the risk of the   February 4th & 5th – or the week of the auction beginning
          buyer as soon as declared sold by the auctioneer. We highly   Thursday, February 9 through Sunday morning prior to the
          recommend purchasing insurance on any animals left in Damar   auction. Other arrangements can be made for viewing of cattle
          Farms care following the auction.
                                                                 by calling Mitch Larson at 712-225-7908.
        TRUCKING:                                              CATTLE VIDEOS:
          Andy Weber Trucking ...............................715-495-5594  A video on each animal in this auction will be available on the
          Will be available at the auction. Damar Farms will help   DVAuction website beginning in early February.
          coordinate prorated trucking arrangements to make delivery at
          the least possible cost.                             DAMAR FARMS:
                                                                 Manager: Mitch Larson ................................ Cell: 715-225-7908
          Newley Hutchison ...................................580-886-5085  Owners: Dr. Dave and Mary Hehli, Strum, WI
          Consultant and order buyer, Newley Hutchison, will also   CATALOG AND PROMOTION:
          be handling prorated trucking on purchases made through   Cow Camp Promotions • Tracey Koester
          him during the auction and will have trucks available with
          designated routes.

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