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        Dear friends and neighbors,
        We would like to welcome you to another Cedarfl o Angus
        production sale. The year has presented lemons, you will
        fi nd lemonade in the offering. Calving ease with perfor-
        mance has always been our mantra, we aim to please. A
        large number of our animals are recommended for heifers.
        Our sires have been selected for not only calving ease but
        their exceptional maternal traits, females fi rst, that’s what
        makes a herd.

        Diverse genetics are the backbone to healthy, performance
        cattle. It’s the same reason you don’t go to the family
        reunion looking for a date. Line breeding will produce per-
        formance cattle, but they have repercussions. Dad always
        said, line breeding will produce the best and the worst. We
        want to be solid, not extreme. Our philosophy is to improve
        upon the previous generation, it keeps us moving forward.
        We hope you fi nd confi dence in our diverse genetics and
        will fi nd a place for them in your program.
        These animals are ready to perform. As always, every ani-
        mal sold is guaranteed to be a breeder. Please reference our
        guarantee in the coming pages, it’s straightforward and fair.
        Let us know if you feel otherwise. Dad said that when he
        bought a bull and it didn’t work out he didn’t feel like credit
        in a future sale or a pick of the leftovers satisfi ed his

                   In memory – Dave Fordahl
              “He was as common as the grass on his land,
                   and never yearned to be more.”
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