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        immediate need. We agree. We want you to know that
        we appreciate your business. Feedback on our animals is
        always welcome.
        The animals can be viewed at the ranch anytime until
        Monday Feb. 20, at which time they will be transported to
        Lemmon Livestock. They can be viewed there until sale
        time. We hope you can fi nd the time to inspect them before
        the sale. We fully understand if you’ve got snow to push,
        heifers to calve or just need 20 minutes on the couch before
        the next business calls. If you’re not able to attend please
        watch/bid online at Instructions are on lem- If you have questions, please contact us
        and we will do our best to help. You can also bid by phone
        either through the sale barn or by contacting us ahead of
        time. Ultrasound and yearling data will be distributed sale
        day or on our website, www.cedarfl, as it is
        I’ve referenced a few “Dad said ...” in previous paragraphs.
        Fortunately, it’s not just catch phrases but ideals that stick
        with us. As most may know, unfortunately Dave (Dad) is no
        longer with us. Someday cancer won’t mean pain, fraility
        and the end. Here’s to that day. Dad ran Cedarfl o Angus
        with honesty, determination and to the best of his ability.
        Never a social person, he let his actions and cattle speak for
        themselves. However, he could bend your ear for an hour
        if you ventured on our place. Dad told me last May that the
        only thing he wanted to do was “... see this place to the
        end.” Hopefully he’s still watching because we’re not done
        See you sale day,
        Jeremy Fordahl

                         Carol Fordahl
              Jeremy, Jennifer & Olivia Fordahl
             701-567-6440 •  701-202-3134 (Jeremy’s Cell)

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