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2017 Professional Cattlemen’s Bull Sale – Cattle with Something EXTRA!s Bull Sale – Cattle with Something EXTRA!
                        2017 Professional Cattlemen’
             We and our cooperators take very seriously our         The Hunt’s Brangus has been testing for Johne’s
             commitment to provide you with a healthy animal        Disease by fecal culture since 2010 with all cows
             and to minimize the risk of introducing disease into   testing negative each time and they are working
             your cow herd. The following chart depicts our         towards designation as a Test-Negative Herd. Addi-
             comprehensive, intensive and proactive approach        tionally, every bull in the sale as well as their sisters
             to disease control. It indicates when we administer    back home have been “ear notched” and guaran-
             vaccines, vitamins, parasite control and all testing   teed to be Negative for PI-BVD by IDEXX Antigen
             procedures. Our cooperators follow an identical        Capture Elisa (ACE).
             protocol. We are Tuberculosis Accredited {Hunt’s       Health Papers (Certifi cate of Veterinary Inspec-
             #381} and Brucellosis Certifi ed {Hunt’s #381}.         tion) will be provided at no charge to buyers in
                                                                    order to allow shipment to Anywhere, USA.

                                           CED  BW  WW  YW  MILK  TM  CEM  SC  REA  FT  %IMF          Hunt’s Brangus – 15
                                      EPDS   3.8  1.0 24.4  45.4 9.3 21.5 3.8 0.46  0.34  -0.040  0.01
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