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2017 Professional Cattlemen’s Bull Sale – Cattle with Something EXTRA!s Bull Sale – Cattle with Something EXTRA!
                        2017 Professional Cattlemen’
                                          OPEN HEIFERS

         62    H+ TELLICO LADY C088                              63    MS SALACOA BIG CYPRESS 192C5
                Reg. # R10336070  Birth Date: 4/26/16  Tattoo: C088    Reg. # R10303166  Birth Date: 10/15/2015 Tattoo: 192C5
                                    EPDs                                                   EPDs
                 CED  BW  WW   YW  Milk TM  CEM  SC  REA %IMF   FAT     CED  BW  WW   YW  Milk TM  CEM  SC  REA %IMF   FAT
         BW: 74   5.4  -0.8  28   57  16   31  2.7  0.44  0.28  0.02  -0.044  BW: 80    2.8  1.5 27   48 16   30 4.2  0.54  0.41  0.13  -0.029
                 25% 15% 35%  30%  2%  10% >95% 50%  60%  40%  40%      75% 65% 40%  45%  3%  10% 50% 40%  40%  15%  90%
        Sire:  H+ IROQUOIS WARRIOR A313                         Sire:  BIG CYPRESS OF SALACOA 99A3
        MGS: TCB CATAWBA WARRIOR R532    Open Heifer            MGS: CADENCE OF BRINKS         Open Heifer
        MGGS: PR ELIXIR 698L3                                   MGGS: SVF MR 607N2
        GGGS: CCR INTEGRITY 589K4                               GGGS: CCC TYSON 36J5

         64    HB PLAINVIEW SEQUOIA C094                         65    HB PLAINVIEW SEQUOIA C099
                Reg. # R10307546  Birth Date: 12/2/2015 Tattoo: C094   Reg. # R10332895  Birth Date: 3/6/2016  Tattoo: C099
                                    EPDs                                                   EPDs
                 CED  BW  WW   YW  Milk TM  CEM  SC  REA %IMF   FAT     CED  BW  WW   YW  Milk TM  CEM  SC  REA %IMF   FAT
         BW: 79   5.1  -1.4  21   49  12   23  2.8  0.28  0.60  0.11  -0.045  BW: 82    3.9  0.7 27   52 14   27 2.6  0.25  0.45  0.07  -0.052
                 30% 10% 65%  45% 20%  40% >95% 70%  15%  15%  35%      50% 45% 40%  40% 10%  20% >95% 75%  35%  25%  10%
        Sire:  SR APACHE WARRIOR Z275                           Sire:  SR APACHE WARRIOR Z275
        MGS: WW CHEROKEE 535W36        Open Heifer              MGS: SVF MR 535N32           Open Heifer
        MGGS: BRINKS LEAD GUN 488R                              MGGS: CNF-RC STONE 881D
        GGGS: CAPTAIN OF BRINKS 541L34                          GGGS: PLR NEW ERA 62M3R

                                   SPECIAL THANKS ...

        We would like to thank our cooperators, neighbors and   producers throughout the Southeast. He has managed
        friends, Matt Hibberts, owner of Plainview Farms, and   large cattle operations in Georgia and is well suited to
        Barry McEntire of Triple B Ranch, for their support in this   analyze genetic depth and phenotype in Brangus cattle.
        inaugural sale. There is satisfaction in doing worthwhile   Since 2005, he has been calling sales across the United
        things the right way with people that share that commit-  States working with several different breeds. He has
        ment.                                                  been invaluable to us as a guide in navigating all the
                                                               fi rsts in sale production. We chose to manage this sale
        We also want to thank Dr. David Loughridge and Dr.     on our own but we have had an advisor who knows
        Brannon Rickman of Murray County Veterinary Services   what’s right and what works as we have taken each step.
        for helping us steward the health of our cows and bulls.
        Their commitment to their work makes our commitment    Thanks again to Doc and Patricia Spitzer who trusted
        to our animals and to our customers achievable.        us as cooperators and then as caretakers of a genetic
                                                               legacy that they carefully designed and poured their
        Ben Spitzer has been our friend and advisor for the past   hearts into. We are glad to be carrying on the traditions
        seven years and is responsible for us having the oppor-  and commitment behind these animals!
        tunity to offer you these bulls. We wouldn’t be here today
        without his help. He has been a steady source of listen-  Most importantly, we are blessed to be able to live, work
        ing ears and good advice when needed. His videos of    and worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as we
        the bulls look great as well!                          raise these productive and beautiful animals for you!

        We are excited to introduce our auctioneer, Andrew                         Soli Deo Gloria!
        Conley, to our customers. Andrew is no stranger to cattle                    The Hunts

        20 – Hunt’s Brangus                CED  BW  WW  YW  MILK  TM  CEM  SC  REA  FT  %IMF
                                      EPDS   3.8  1.0 24.4  45.4 9.3 21.5 3.8 0.46  0.34  -0.040  0.01
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