Page 2 - LaGrand Angus Ranch 2017 Yearling Bull Annual Production Sale
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                       Dear Cattlemen and Women,

                       Welcome to the annual LaGrand Angus Bull sale. It’s been a privilege getting to meet all
                       of you over the past 16 years. This year the sale will be held at Stockmen’s Livestock in
                       Yankton, SD at 12 noon. I’m looking forward to a change in venue and entering a differ-
                       ent market place. Your consideration in my program is humbling. I truly feel these bulls
                       will fi t your needs in the upcoming times and provide you with the genetics you and the
                       industry desire.

                       This set of bulls have been developed exactly the same as the past, for longevity. I’ve
                       culled intensively and I’m only bringing the cream of the crop to town. They are not
                       pushed and are developed in large pastures and pens. As usual, they will be in great
                       shape and ready for cows. The bulls carry a fi rst breeding season guarantee with many
                       discounts and delivery options available. Scale busting weights have never been a goal
                       for me. Please consider this when looking at the offering but I guarantee this group will
                       add frame, length and pounds to any set of calves plus a bull that will hold together dur-
                       ing your breeding season and for many years to come.

                       I realize that you have many options when you are selecting your genetics and I would
                       like to thank all of my past customers for their loyalty and for the new ones for taking the
                       time to consider an investment in LaGrand Angus. Our success derives on getting better
                       every year and your demand drives me to produce better cattle. I would also like to thank
                       all my friends and family with a special thanks to my offi ce manager, Malynda Penner, for
                       making this come together. Also, Ralph’s Feed and Sioux Nation for providing the ser-
                       vices to get this set here. Please feel free to stop by or call with any questions.

                       Lance LaGrand Pankratz

                                            Lance & Jeanna Pankratz, Kaytlin, Logun and Emmalin
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