Page 3 - LaGrand Angus Ranch 2017 Yearling Bull Annual Production Sale
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Sale Information

                                    LaGrand Angus Production Sale

                                         Friday, March 24, 2017 • 12 p.m. CDT
                                          Stockmen’s Livestock • Yankton, SD 57078

                                                       (605) 665-9641

                                           LaGrand Angus Ranch, Lance Pankratz
                                             44130 279 St. • Freeman, SD 57029

                                           605-359-9221 •

        Sale Day Phones                                         “Second To None Guarantee”
        Lance Pankratz .............................605-359-9221  LaGrand guarantees all bulls against any injury that
        Malynda Penner ............................605-929-7314  would keep them from being a breeder for the for the
                                                                fi rst breeding season. Breeding season is defi ned as the
        Auctioneer                                              fi rst 90-day period following the fi rst turn out of bulls.
        Dan Koupal ................................  605-210-1124  If a problem occurs, we will bring a suitable replace-
                                                                ment or you will receive full credit minus the salvage
        Ringmen                                                 value of the original bull, toward another purchase. The
        Donny Leddy ................................605-695-0113  bottom line is that our customer is happy. This credit or
            Cattle Business Weekly                              replacement guarantee pertains strictly to the physical
                                                                loss of the bull.
        Sale Location
                        Stockmen’s Livestock                    Delivery
                           1200 E. Hwy 50                       LaGrand will deliver any bull within a 300 mile circle
                          Yankton, SD 57078                     from the Freeman ranch to central points. Or take ad-
                            605-665-9641                        vantage of our special sale day only-haul your own and
                                                                receive a $50 per bull discount. Free wintering of the
        Herd Health                                             bulls until May 1.
        All cattle will be accompanied with proper health certifi -
        cates for immediate shipment. The bulls have all been   Discounts
        poured and are up to date on their vaccinations plus a   If you purchased a bull on last year’s sale, you will
        foot rot has been given. A copy of their fertility test will   receive a 5% discount on this year’s sale. This discount
        be sent to you with your registration papers.           perpetuates into next year’s sale. Also, if you buy 5 or
                                                                more bulls, another 5% discount will be added.
        Retained Interest
        LaGrand retains a one-third semen interest in each bull   Terms and Conditions
        except where otherwise listed.                          Terms of the sale are cash and all settlements must be
                                                                made at the close of the auction. Cattle will sell under
        Supplement Information                                  the terms and conditions set forth by the American
        All information including yearling weights, ultrasound   Angus Association.
        results, current pelvic, scrotals and AHIR data will be
        provided sale day.                                      Sale Promotion & Catalog
                                                                Tracey Koester, Cow Camp Promotions

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