Page 12 - Red Hill Farms Red Angus and Simmental Annual Bull Sale 2017
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2017 – Red Hill Farms                       Red Angus Yearling Bulls
         Red Hill Red Angus Spring Yearling Bulls
        The bulls were developed on a high-roughage haylage based ration with a goal of the bulls gaining
        2.25 pounds per day. Yearling weights, ultrasound data, and height measurements were taken on
        January 16, 2017. Scrotal measurements and BSEs were performed by Dr. Chad Shaw on Feb-
        ruary 14, 2017, and the scrotal measurements printed are actual measurements from that date.
        Many of these bulls have grown 1 to 2 centimeters since their January yearling measurements.

                           RED HILL B571 BARMAID 104U,
                           RED HILL B571 BARMAID 104U,
                              granddam of Lots 1 and 9
                              granddam of Lots 1 and 9
                                                  A A R TEN X 7008 S A
        1     RHF-RHR 190A TEN X 49D         REDHILL TEN X 104U 190A
               REG. #   CATEGORY                  RED HILL B571 BARMAID 104U
                                                  REDHILL U199 LANCER 151Y
        BULL  3550323   1A  100%             REDHILL 151Y AMBER 134B
        OPENING BID: $6,000  BD: 1/12/16          RHF-CCCH 4X AMBER 46Z
             CED   BW   WW   YW   MILK   ME   HPG   CEM   STAY   MARB   YG   REA
        EPDs  16  -4.2  60  110  33    0   13   0    16  0.97  -0.13  0.54
        AR %  1%  10%  43%  12%  1%   46%  15%  96%  2%   2%   9%    4%
         HerdBuilder  181  1%   BW   BWR   WWR  YWR   %IMF   REA   SC   FRAME
         GridMaster   56  1%   71   111 106 111  104   99   33.5   4+
         Dam’s Info   YOB  WEIGHT  BCS   BR   WR   YR   Dam’s MPPA
                  2014   806   4   1/102  1/100  1/100   102.4
        49D is the result of the Red Hill effort to bring important genetic variation from Angus to Red Angus. AAR Ten X 7008 SA
        was chosen because of marbling, docility and the fact that the Ten X cattle were not “out of bounds” for frame size and
        $EN. 104U, the granddam of 49D is arguably one of the outstanding phenotypic and genetic packages ever at Red Hill.
        The cows on the bottom of the pedigree trace to the B571 daughter, BUF CRK Amber N379, the dam of our 1A herd bull
        and the outstanding 204X cow. 49D puts together a unique genetic and phenotypic package. 49D ranks in the top 1% of
        the breed for both the HB and GM indices – quite impressive. 49D is a moderate framed, thick made, easy fl eshing bull
        that is slick haired and has a calm disposition. We will collect semen on this bull before delivery, and he will be used quite
        heavily in our program.
        10 – Red Hill Farms
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