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        Welcome to our 2017 Production Sale!

        This year we have made the decision to move to away from the
        silent auction at our ranch and have decided to hold traditional
        auction at Winter Livestock in LaJunta, Colorado. This decision
        came after much thought and consideration, we have always
        enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of holding a silent auction at
        our ranch and have appreciated not having to haul the bulls to
        a new location, however we felt that time was right for us to
        make this move and we are very excited about this new venture
        and we are looking forward to working with Winter Livestock to
        market a tremendous set of Red Angus bulls.

        Designing the ideal cow is not an easy task to accomplish, and
        though we have perfected this task we do believe that through
        breeding cattle with superior and balanced genetics we have
        been fortunate enough to have designed a cow herd that is ef-
        fi cient, moderate, sound, well balanced, and have not sacrifi ced
        growth nor carcass merit to achieve this task. The cowherd is
        the heart and soul of any operation and we are confi dent that
        the set of cows behind this year’s offering are exactly what
        cattlemen should strive to produce.

        We have spent a great deal of time and money to invest in
        some of what we consider to be the top genetics in the industry
        and this year’s bull offering is a testament to the type and kind
        of cattle that we have worked to produce. We want cattle that
        work for you, this set of bulls is the type that will produce fe-
        males that will remain on the land and be productive for many
        years and will be easy calving with calves that will grow rapidly
        and be packed full of red meat.

        Thanks again for your interest in our program, we are confi dent
        that this year’s offering is our best to date and they will go to
        work for you.

        The Kravig Family

                        Lisa & Dennis Kravig
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