Page 2 - Regency Acres 2017 Annual Angus Bull Production Sale
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Welcome cattlemen and women to the 2017 Regency Acres
          Angus annual bull sale.

           It is our pleasure to invite you to be our guest on Friday
          April 14th for lunch at 11:30 A.M. with the sale to follow at
          1 P.M. Coffee and doughnuts will be available throughout
          the morning while you browse through the bulls. For lunch
          we will again be having Smokin-n-Jokin BBQ cook for us
          and they will be smoking CAB tri-tip with peach beans and
          potatoes. As always you are welcome to stop by the ranch
          anytime before April 13st to look through the cattle. We would
          be happy to show you the bulls and the cows behind them.

          This year marks 60 years in the registered Angus business
          for the Thiessen family. That kind of longevity in this business
          cannot be achieved without the continued support of our longtime customers. We are very grateful and humbled by
          this and do not take it for granted nor do we take our job as a seed stock supplier lightly. We do a lot of studying and
          research on any new bloodlines that we may introduce into our genetics so that we can continue to provide a product
          that works for you. Over those 60 years we have continued to strive to produce that perfect female for our environment.
          One that goes out and fi nds her food, calves easy, breeds back, is structurally sound, has a gentle disposition, and
          produces a profi table calf. While this perfect female has yet to be produced (and I would argue anyone that says they
          have one!) we are getting closer to where we want to be. In our search to fi nd outside sires that have clean pedigrees,
          natural thickness, good feet and legs, are out of good, clean-made cows with nice, tight udders, and “fi t” our program,
          we have found ourselves utilizing more and more of our own home-raised bulls. By doing this we have observed a
          more uniform, consistent calf crop. As you evaluate these bulls, you will notice there isn’t a lot of difference from Lot 1
          to 100.

                                                             The bulls selling were developed on a 44 Mcal high
                                                             roughage ration consisting of corn silage, ground hay and
                                                             corn (limited to 0.75#/cwt) designed for a 2.75 lb gain.
                                                             This allows the bulls to develop and grow at their own pace
                                                             without causing structural damage. They have been freeze
                                                             branded, carcass ultrasounded, fertility tested, and given
                                                             two rounds of foot rot vaccine and wart vaccine

                                                             This year we are not offering any heifers for sale. We calved
                                                             extremely heavy to bull calves last year so by the time we
                                                             sort off our replacements and cull the bottom end there
                                                             wouldn’t be enough to justify putting them in the sale. So,
                                                             we are going to breed all of them and then offer some for
                                                             sale in the fall. If you are interested in them let us know.

          Thank you for taking time to review the catalog. We look forward to seeing you on April 14th.

                                       Russ, Jill,Téa and Tyler Thiessen

                                                   Our Mission
               To propogate genetics that will return the most dollars per acre for our customers.
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