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When you buy from Regency you get …

        Guarantee                                              Free Delivery
        Regency Acres is providing a fi rst-year breeding season guarantee on   Free delivery up to 500 miles on bulls selling for $2,500 per lot or
        all bulls selling for $3000 or more. Breeding season is defi ned as the   more, or, a total purchase of $4,000 or more. All other purchases will
        90-day period following turnout. While we do everything within our   be delivered at cost. Please be able to take delivery at any time fol-
        power to ensure the bulls are sound breeders, sometimes things hap-  lowing the sale. A $100 credit per bull will be given if you take your
        pen. IF a bull is found to be an unsound breeder, a replacement will be   purchases home with you sale day. If you prefer, we will take your bull
        provided if one is available. Otherwise full credit will be given in the   home and feed him for free until May 1. After May 1, we will feed the
        following years sale. Other injuries will be covered 50% of the value   bulls at $2.50/head/day until you come and get him. Please make it
        of the bull less salvage value to be used the following year. All injured   clear what you want done with your new purchase when you settle up
        bulls must be diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian. Regency Acres   at the front desk.
        reserves the right to have our vet inspect the injured bull. Please notify   Sight-Unseen Purchase Guarantee
        Regency Acres as soon as possible should injury occur and prior to   Buyers unable to attend the sale may call or send their bids in to Russ,
        the bull being sold for salvage. If neglect by the owner is shown on   Jim or any of the representatives listed. If the bull(s) purchased are
        a treatable injury, no credit will be given. All claims must be made by   not as presented, the purchased bull(s) can be returned to Regency
        September 31st.                                        Acres at no cost to the buyer.

        This is NOT a mortality guarantee. Mortality insurance will be available   Ultrasound:
        sale day through Bill Pelton, American Insurance Co.   The bulls have been ultrasounded for ribeye, marbling and back fat
                                                               measurements by Matt Lane. This information is in the catalog.
        Registration Papers
        All bulls selling are registered. Papers on the bulls will be transferred   EPDs:
        upon request.                                          The EPDs are current as of March 17, 2017.
        Fertility and Physical Exam                            Calving Ease Scores:
        Complete breeding soundness exams and semen evaluations have      1 Star – Use on mature cows
        been conducted by Dr. J.J. Hovde of High Plains Veterinary Clinic.      2 Star – Use on cows 3 years old and older
        Exam reports are available for inspection.                3 Star – Could be used on heifers but be ready to assist
                                                                  4 Star – Very little, if any, assistance should be necessary
                                                                  5 Star – Very easy calving; no assistance should be necessary

           Having herd bulls adapt to the environment they will be in is very   ing, so any advantage that you can give him will be benefi cial to
           important to the success of a breeding program. Whenever pos-  younger bulls.
           sible, the bulls should be fed the same type of forage they will eat
           in the breeding pasture for a minimum of two weeks before turn   Another trick for having a virgin bull ready is what we call “Jump-
           out. Their rumen operates with little bugs to break down the diet   starting.” If you have a cow or a heifer around that is cycling, put
           and different forages each have their own little bugs. About two   the bull with her. If he seems disinterested, put another bull in
           weeks is the time required for the rumen to adjust to a different   with the cow for him to observe. This should trigger his brain.
           diet. When a bull is turned out, he isn’t thinking much about eat-  When the bull appears interested, let him in and remove the other
                                                               bull. Make sure a bigger bull doesn’t start whipping on him, or
                                                               that could defeat what you are trying to accomplish. It is rare that
                                                               this procedure is necessary, but it is good insurance and, once
                                                               the bull gets a taste of what his job is, he will be ready for those

                                                               When breeding season is fi nished, a reconditioning program
                                                               for yearling bulls is good as they change their teeth at 18 to 24
                                                               months of age.

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