Page 10 - Mideast Classic Lowline Sale June 17, 2017
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        Great Lakes Cattle Lakes Cattle Co.
         27        LM SFR ANIKA

                                              BD: 3/3/15
             Color: Black  Tattoo: LM3A  Fullblood Cow/Purebred Heifer Calf Pair
                                                         BW: 44
                                   ALR#: FF21086
             Consignor: Great Lakes Cattle Co.
                                       BHL BRENTONS ACE 22M
                BDC PRAIRE ACE        [ BHL LITTLE SAKA 7P
             BDC ACE VENTURA
                BDC CARRIE             DALE THE INTIMIDATOR
                                      [ MOOVE OVER BRITNEY
                                       SUPREMES 10
                SS URGO               [ TL ROO
            SS XTRA
                SS UHARA               SUPREMES 10
                                      [ SS ROSAMUNDE
        Lot 27A: Purebred heifer calf GLK4E born 3/25/17 sired by TCS Royal Million
        XM17094 BW: 55#.  A young fullblood with a nice heifer calf at side.
                                                                              TCS Royal Million, sire of Lot 27A
         28        BLACK PEARL

                                    Fullblood Cow/Purebred Bull Calf Pair
             Color: Black  Tattoo: GLK37E  ALR#: Pending  BD: 4/7/15  BW: 55
             Consignor: Great Lakes Cattle Co.
                SC BAXTER 17 U285     [ BRAMBLETYE WILLOW
             BAR J BEAUFORD 9W12
                BAR J NELL 4P13-7T41   BAR J AGAVE P54
                                      [ BAR J NELL 0K9-4P13
                                       ATHANLEE HERMAN
                BRAMBLETYE TEQUILA    [ GLEN INNES J306
            BAR J NELL 6S73-9W21
                BAR J NELL 3N35-6S73   BAR J SPARKS 4P16
                                      [ BAR J NELL 0K9-3N35
        Lot 28A: Purebred bull calf GLK37E born 5/5/17 sired by TCS Royal Million
        XM17094 BW: 55#.  A daughter of the National Champion Beauford and out of the
        great Nell cow family.                                                          Lot 28
         29        FERN

             Color: Black  Tattoo: GLK6C  ALR#: Pending  Open Fullblood Heifer
                                              BD: 6/29/15
             Consignor: Great Lakes Cattle Co.
                                       ARDROSSAN NERON
                EZ UPDATE 16U         [ BRAMBLETYE W332
                                       BRAMBLETYE UTAH
                EZ ST. GEORGIA 57S    [ BRAMBLETYE ST. LOUISE S208
                                       BEAU AARON M390
            EZ TWINKLE 2T
                                       BROKEN ARROW PANMURE
                BRAMBLETYE W322       [ BRAMBLETYE Q116
        Fern is a nicely balanced, long bodied two year old by Amos out of the great Beau Lad
        daughter EZ Twinkle 2T.
                                                                                        Lot 29
         30        IVY

                                              BD: 5/5/15
             Color: Black  Tattoo: GLK7C  ALR#: Pending  Open Fullblood Heifer

             Consignor: Great Lakes Cattle Co.
                                       KAPTAIN PLANET K001
                MIDSHIPMAN M206       [ TRANGIE C124
             EZ MAGNUM 72J
                                       TRANGIE J260
                MUGGA MARNIE K L290   [ TRANGIE C192
                                       ADMIRAL J222
                ALM CLOUT 27H         [ BRAMBLETYE AGNESS II
            EZ STARR BRITE 6S
                                       RAWHIDE R157
        Check out this nicely made Magnum daughter out of a daughter of the well muscled
        foundation bull Clout 27H.
                                                                               EZ Magnum 72J, sire of Lot 30
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