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        Well, 2017 has defi nitely been the year of extremes. We had over 2   I know I say this every year, but this “livestock family” we have is the
        inches of rain last Christmas which turned to ice and left our whole   best family in the world. I thank God daily for the blessing of having
        yard and lots with about a couple inches of solid ice right during sale   the chance to raise our kids in the livestock industry. But, most im-
        time. It was so slippery the chickens couldn’t even stand up outside   portantly, the chance to make life-long friends you can count on to
        in the wind! The spring and summer brought drought conditions and   be there when you need them. I can’t tell you how much each and
        plenty of dust storms, but every single time when we were absolutely   every one of you mean to us!
        sure we would have to plan a dispersal sale, the good Lord blessed
        us with a little rain to keep things growing. This fall we have had   We cannot stress enough this is a family event. Please bring your
        above-average temps and the cows are still grazing with more windy   spouses and children. The hotel has a pool for the kids to enjoy and
        and dusty days. The amazing thing this fall though, is we have had   plenty of “shopping” in the area for those that may be interested in
        some of the most vivid sunrises and sunsets that I can ever remember.   something besides cattle.

        The demand for Red Angus cattle has only been climbing higher   We know how crazy and hectic this time of year is so please don’t
        each and every year. No other U.S. beef breed of any signifi cant size   hesitate to call us, the sale consultants, ringmen, auctioneer or DV
        can compare to the growth rates of Red Angus in cow registrations   Auction rep for questions about the cattle or absentee bidding. You
        and inventories. The demand for good Red Angus cattle is stron-  can watch the cattle videos on our website or at
        ger than ever. However that is really no surprise to me as I saw the   This year we will be adding a new consignor to the sale ... well
        potential for Red Angus cattle in 1989 when I purchased my fi rst set   maybe not new, but he has “his own” business now. Alex (Jung
        of registered cows. John purchased his fi rst Red Angus cows in 1993.   Cattle Company) will be offering open heifers and bulls from the
        Raising Red Angus cattle isn’t something new to us. Our roots run   heart of his herd and, of course, Kemen Farms will be back with their
        deep in “Red” business. Droughts, blizzards, markets where red cattle   bred heifers.
        were discounted and life in general has not stopped our passion for
        good red cattle and I don’t see it changing any time soon. We have   We hope to see you in a couple weeks and want to wish you and
        been bringing you red cattle for over 25 years. This isn’t just a business   your family a very Merry Christmas and safe travels!
        to us – it is a way of life. Red isn’t something we just started doing.
        Red is something we don’t remember NOT doing!          Steph & the rest  of the Lazy J Bar Ranch  Crew

                                               Guest Consignors

        Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.  It is with great honor that we are back consigning with Lazy J Bar
                                                                  Ranch again this year. This is certainly a privilege that we value –
        As much as I enjoyed being part of Lazy J Bar Ranch, when the   working with great people like John and Stephanie!
        opportunity to start my own operation arose, I seized it, and cre-
        ated Jung Cattle Company, JCC.  I’d like to be sure and thank   This year we will be offering 20 registered bred Red Angus heifers
        Lazy J Bar Ranch for continuing to include me by allowing me to   that we hope will perform for you as well as they do for us. We
        participate in their sale.                                continue to stress good feet, trouble-free udders and quiet dispo-
        At JCC, I strive to raise cattle that not only perform in the show
        ring but on the ranch as well. Functional cattle that can handle   We take pride in raising functional females that will work hard for
        the South Dakota extreme weather and still maintain a great   you and make your operation profi table.
                                                                  Feel free to inquire about any of the females we are offering by
        Let’s not forget money can’t buy happiness, but it CAN buy cows   calling or stopping by to see them.  They will be at our place in
        (or bulls), which is pretty much the same thing! So bring the family,   Minnesota until December 29th, they will be on display at Lazy J
        bid on some great cattle, and ring in the New Year with us!  Bar Ranch December 30 and 31.
        I look forward to seeing you at the sale!                 We look forward to seeing you New Year’s Eve at the sale.

                       Jung Catt le Company                                    Kemen Farms Red Angus
                        Alex Jung • 605-216-7622                                Dave Kemen • 320-212-2478

                                                                       Lazy J Bar Ranch New Year’s Eve Extravaganza
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