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                     DIKOFF’S 3D CA
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                                                                                                            OPEN HEIFER
                                                                  19 19  JND 166 ELEANOR 718E
                                                                           BIRTH DATE
                                                                                 REG. #
                                                                          2/23/17 3782745  100% 1A  BW:   771
                                                                   SIX MILE GAME FACE 164Y     VGW GAME PLAN 816
                                                               TWG TOMMY JACK 166A            | RED SIX MILE LAKOTO 35W
                                                                   DAMAR PASSION X166          RED FINE LINE MULBERRY 26P
                                                                                              | DFRA JOPLIN 501L
                                                                   MESSMER JERICHO W041        BECKTON JULIAN GG B571
                                                               DAMAR ELEANOR’S ECHO Z271      | MESSMER PANDORA M186
                                                                                               BECKTON LANCER F442 T
                                                                   SRN ELEANOR 4302           | LCHMN ELEANOR J1266
                                                                 HB  GM CED  BW WW YW   M  ME  HPG  CEM  ST  MARB   YG   CW  REA   FAT
                                                                107  48  5  -1.2  61 91 19  0  10  3  12  0.21  0.00  22  0.29  0.02
                                                                41%  76% 50%  56% 40% 50% 71% 46% 82%  80% 23%  91%   45%  48%  23%   81%
                    Lot 19                                     If you are on the hunt for a new donor cow, you don’t have to look any further. Her donor dam was
                                                               one of the lead donor cows for Damar Farms. Her dam is the dam to legendary bulls like LMAN
                                                               King Rob and LMAN None Better. That’s on the bottom side, now let’s talk about the top side of
                                                               the pedigree – TWG Tommy Jack 166A. His sire was a $65,000 past high-seller for Six Mile Red
                                                               Angus. The dam to Tommy Jack was a Triple Crown winner in Texas for the Glascock family win-
                                                               ning Grand Champion at Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Huston Junior Shows. Tommy Jack won Ft.
                   TWG Tommy Jack 166A                         Worth himself in 2015. He is as impressive of an individual as you could write about or talk about.
                                                               His availability has been rare so here is a fantastic chance to get in on the ground fl oor of one big
                                                               time herd building female.

                                  Red Angus Guide to EPDs

            HB ...... HerdBuilder Index – Need bulls for developing a profi table cowherd and   CEM .... Calving Ease Maternal – Another number to pay attention to if you are
            maximizing the value of marketed progeny? Select a bull with a high HB value.  retaining heifers. Selecting bulls with a high CEM will increase the probability of those
                                                               daughters calving unassisted.
            GM ...... GridMaster Index – If you market all of your calf crop and want to increase the
            value of that calf crop, select a bull with a high GM value to maximize your profi t.  STAY.... Stayability – The most important trait if your goal is developing cows that stay
                                                               productive, thus increasing your profi tability. Bulls with a high Stay EPD are expected
            CED ..... Calving Ease Direct – Breeding Heifers? Select bulls with a high CED to   to sire daughters that remain productive in the herd until at least 6 years of age.
            increase the probability that the heifers will calve unassisted.
                                                               MARB .. Marbling Score – Select bulls with high MARB EPD to increase the number of
            BW...... Birth Weight – Predicts differences in birth weight. BW is included in the CED   progeny that grade Choice or Prime.
            EPD, so simplify your decisions by selecting bulls based on CED instead of BW.
                                                               YG ...... Yield Grade – Marketing calves on a grid? Placing selection pressure on YG
            WW ..... Weaning Weight and YW ....Y earling Weight – Predicts differences in weight   EPD will decrease the number of YG discounts on grid-marketed progeny.
            at weaning and yearling. While selection based on these growth measures can
            increase your payweight, be cautious what the bull’s other EPDs are.  CW...... Carcasss Weight – Selecting bulls with a high CW EPD will increase the weight
                                                               of the hanging carcass, which directly impacts revenue.
            Milk .... Milk – Predicts differences in weaning weight of daughter’s progeny due to
            milk production.                                   REA ..... Rib Eye Area – Need to add muscle? Select bulls with a high REA EPD to
                                                               increase rib eye area, which favorably increases Yield Grade.
            ME ...... Maintenance Energy – Selecting bulls with a lower ME EPD will decrease the
            amount of feed his daughters will require to maintain body weight.  FAT ..... Backfat – Need to reduce waste in carcasses? Select bulls with a low FAT EPD
                                                               to reduce backfat, which favorably increases Yield Grade.
            HPG..... Heifer Pregnancy – Retaining heifers? Select bulls with a high HPG to increase
            the percentage of exposures that result in a calving observation.
                                                                   For more information on EPDs, visit

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