Page 2 - Cedarflo Angus Annual Production Sale – Feb. 28, 2018
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        Welcome to our annual production sale. It’s offi cially our 70th
        year of raising registered angus. Great-grandpa Albert and
        Grandpa Norval bought their fi rst couple registered cows in 1948,
        Bluecap Elite of Hillview and Belle of Hillview. The following spring
        they purchased the herd sire, Dakota Black Jess, from the Valley
        City Winter Show. In our barn are the original pens for two cows
        and one bull. Oh, if it were only that simple anymore. Change is
        constant and we all hope just to be moving in the right direc-
        tion. In the coming pages, we are confi dent you will fi nd the next
        pathway for your programs genetics.
        All animals presented have been through a rigorous vaccination
        schedule and a regiment to promote structural soundness. Infor-
        mation that hasn’t been presented in the catalog will be provided
        sale day and made available on our website, www.cedarfl oangus.
        com. If you require further information please ask, we always like
        to hear from you.

        After the sale, you as our customer, have two options: take the
        bull home sale day and deduct $100 from the price or allow us to
        winter the bull. If you chose to have us take the animal home we
        will feed him, have him pass a breeding soundness exam in April
        and deliver him in April for free. Exams will be performed by West
        River Vet Clinic in Hettinger. As usual, these sires are covered by
        our trusted “Money Back Guarantee” that you will fi nd detailed in
        this catalog. We look forward to working with you in 2018.

        Animals can be viewed any time at the ranch until Monday Feb.
        26 at which time they will be transferred to Lemmon Livestock.
        Visitors are always welcome. Let’s pray for rain in March, after ev-
        eryone has fi nished calving heifers, and keep our fi ngers crossed
        for color to return to our landscape. See you soon.
               Jeremy, Jennifer, Olivia Fordahl
                        Carol Fordahl
                    Cedarfl o Angus Ranch
               Home: 701-567-6440  • Cell: 701-202-3134
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