Page 4 - Cedarflo Angus Annual Production Sale – Feb. 28, 2018
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Sale Informationmation
        Sale Infor

        Terms of the sale are cash. All animals sell under the terms and
        conditions as adopted by the American Angus Association. State-
        ments made sale day take precedence over printed information.

        Each bull sold is guaranteed to pass a breeding test administered
        by a licensed vet. We adhere to our vet’s recommendation that
        if an animal should fail a breeding exam, we do ask that it be
        retested. The retest is done to prevent external factors, such as
        weather, from infl uencing the sample taken. If the animal fails the
        subsequent test, we offer you two options. Sell the animal under
        your name and we will provide you with another bull, if avail-
        able. Or sell the animal under your name and we refund you the
        difference between pound price and sale price this year. We do not
        guarantee against injury. Unfortunately there are too many factors
        out of our control that may infl uence the health of an animal. If
        you have any questions regarding this policy, please don’t hesitate
        to contact us. Thank you.

        Set up an account
        Setting up an account is a simple two-minute process.
        1. Look for the log-in area on the upper left portion of the screen.
        2. Find the blue button labeled “Register to View”
        3. Fill in the form with your name, email, state, username and
        4. Press the proceed button at the bottom of the page.

        Any time you come back to CattleUSA just enter your username and
        password to log-in and watch auctions.

        Get approved to buy
        Each auction approves its own buyers, no buyers are approved by
        CattleUSA. This is done for your privacy and security. Your buyers
        information is kept private and is only released to the auctions you
        choose. In order to obtain approval to buy at an auction you will need
        to submit your contact information to each auction you wish to buy
        1. Log in to CattleUSA.
        2. Push the Submit button next the auction you wish to be approved
          at. The fi rst time you do this, a form will pop-up for you to fi ll out
          your contact information. Fill out your information then push the
          button at the bottom of the form to continue.
        3. You have now sent your information to that auction. The auction
          will now be able to fi nd you in their data base and approve you to
          buy. If you would like to be approved at other auctions push the
          submit button next to each auction you wish to be approved at.
          Your information will be forwarded to those auctions only.

        Auctions do not have access to your information until you send it to
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