Page 4 - Gustin's Diamond D Gelbvieh Annual Production Sale – Feb. 15, 2018
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        SALE DAY REPRESENTATIVES:                              GUARANTEES:
          Klint Sickler                                          As always we guarantee sight unseen purchases for those unable
            American Gelbvieh Association Board ......................701-260-1853  to attend the sale. All bulls are guaranteed breeders for the fi rst
          Doug Hille                                             breeding season. In the event of injury or death in a 90-day breeding
            ND Gelbvieh Association Board ................................701-220-2083  season, notify Gustin’s Diamond D immediately. We will replace the
          Scott Ressler                                          bull with one of similar value or allow a credit of the value of the bull
            North Dakota Stockmen’s Association ......................701-223-2522  less salvage value in the next sale.
          Angela Vesco
            American Gelbvieh Association .................................303-465-2333  TERMS OF SALE:
                                                                 All animals sell according to the recommended terms of the AGA.
        DEVELOPING THE CATTLE:                                   Gustin’s Diamond D Gelbvieh is retaining a 1/3 semen interest in all
          Calves are raised on grass and their mother’s milk only. We do not   bulls selling unless stated otherwise in the catalog. Settlement is
          creep feed our calves as we feel that we can better identify our highly   to be made the day of the sale, with the buyer having the option of
          maternal lines, and we feel the consistency and performance of the   paying 50% on sale day and 50% when the animals are picked up or
          calves produced by our fi rst calf heifers are proving this theory.   delivered.
          We continue to feed a TMR ration of ground corn, silage, hay, and
          distillers grain after weaning. We aim for a moderate gain of 3.25 to   DISCOUNTS:
          3.5 pounds per day to maintain longevity in the bulls while allowing   There is a $50 discount if bulls are hauled away on sale day.
          the top calves to separate themselves from the rest of the pen.   Discount does not apply to heifers. A 5% volume discount is
                                                                 available on purchases of 5 bulls or more.
          All bulls have had an LD genomic test, are sire verifi ed and have   SUPPLEMENT SHEET AND VIDEOS:
          genomic-enhanced EPDs. All eligible bulls have been tested for the   Adjusted yearling weights and scrotal measurements will be provided
          homozygous black trait and approximately 1/3 of the bulls have   on sale day and will be available on our website after February 1 and
          been tested for the homozygous polled trait. All females have been   as soon as available. Videos of all sale lots will be posted on our
          ultrasound checked by the Mandan Veterinary Clinic and calves of   website on February 1.
          known sex are identifi ed in the footnotes.            FEEDING AND DELIVERY:
                                                                 We are offering free feeding of the bulls until April 1. After that time
          Watch for Dams of Merit and Distinction in the footnotes. These   we will charge $2 per head per day. Free delivery within 250 miles
          are cows that consistently produce above average calves on a 365   will begin on April 1. Free feeding and free delivery do not apply to
          day interval. Fewer than 5% of Gelbvieh cows achieve Dam of Merit   the females in the sale. Please make arrangements to pick up all
          status and fewer than 1% achieve Dam of Distinction status. Our   female lots within one week of the sale date.
          herd ranks second in the nation for breeding Dams of Merit and   LIABILITY:
          Distinction.                                           All persons attending the sale do so at their own risk. Sale hosts
                                                                 assume no responsibility for accidents, theft or damages occurring
          Klint Sickler will be available on sale day for you to insure your   at the sale facility.
          purchases if you desire.

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