Page 6 - Gustin's Diamond D Gelbvieh Annual Production Sale – Feb. 15, 2018
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                                                                     Gelbvieh x Angus or Red Angus

                           STEVE AND ADAM SINDT own             PROVIDING VALUE ON THE RAIL
                           and operate R&J Farms where they     Carcass data from 302 head of 2016-born Balancer steer and
                           run a commercial cow-calf herd       heifer calves fed in Amherst, Nebraska, and harvested at
                           in south-central Nebraska, and       Tyson Fresh Meats in Lexington, Nebraska, prove Balancer
                           feed out their home-raised calves.   cattle are the smart choice for feedyard profitability.
                           They started buying Gelbvieh and
                           Balancer®  bulls five years ago to        YIELD GRADE
                           improve the performance of their
                           calves out of their British-based
      “The Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls have improved the                                         QUALITY GRADE
      consistency and uniformity of our calves. We like the
      growth, performance and disposition of the Balancer
      calves. We have been selling our harvest-ready cattle
      on a live basis, but in April 2017 we sold some of our
      home-raised cattle on a grid, and were pleased with the
      premiums. The cattle were 12-14 months old at harvest              93%
      and they graded 92.5% Choice and Prime and 90% were         YIELD GRADE 1,2,3
      Yield Grade 1, 2, and 3.”
        - Adam Sindt, R&J Farms                                                                        98%
                                                                                                CHOICE AND PRIME

         ADDING THE POUNDS                      MAKING THE GRADE                    DELIVERING THE VALUE

         Steers in the 2017 AGA Scale           Many feeders have reported            Gelbvieh rank #1 for percent

            and Rail Contest had an           Balancer-sired cattle that grade         retail product according to
          average daily gain of 4 lbs.                                                U.S. Meat Animal Research
                                                90% Choice or better.
            per day in the feedyard.                                                  Center progress report #22.

      “These Balancers are one of the best kept secrets in the cattle industry.”
                                                                                                        -Adam Sindt
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