Page 4 - Reich Angus 19th Annual Bull Sale – Feb. 17, 2018
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Dear  Catt lemen,
        On behalf of Reich Angus, we would like to invite you to our
        19th Annual Bull Sale and Open House.

        We are very proud of the bulls in this year’s sale. This crop of
        bulls is one of the strongest, most consistent offerings to date.
        This  past year was a challenging one with record snowfall
        and frigid temperatures followed by severe drought. It is a
        rewarding feeling to have a set of cows that can produce such
        a quality product.

        The emphasis of our breeding program is in producing females
        that will have a moderate, mature frame size with the capacity
        and mothering ability to excel in a tough northern plains envi-
        ronment. A cow on our operation needs to be able to hold her
        condition while consistently weaning off a heavy calf without
        the help of a creep feeder. We place high priority on fertility,
        udder quality, natural thickness, good disposition and sound
        structure. Through our AI program, we believe we can produce
        the type of females we need, but also produce the kind of bulls
        that will be profi table for the commercial cattleman.

        The bulls are developed in a large area on a high roughage ra-
        tion to ensure long term soundness. We believe yearling bulls
        need to be brought along at a consistent pace for them to stay
        sound and have the fertility to ensure breeding season success.
        Our bulls are guaranteed to be breeders and we stand behind
        them 100%. If you have any problems with one of our bulls, let
        us know about it so we can work out a solution. We know our
        success is based on customer satisfaction.

        We encourage you to visit the ranch and inspect the bulls prior
        to sale day. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

        Reich Angus

             Mar dee Reich             Delvin Reich
             Kaydee & Will           (701) 873-5155
            (701) 873-4173            Adron  Doerr
            (701) 880-0422           (701) 880-0630
                1605 63rd Ave SW • Zap, ND 58580
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