Page 5 - Reich Angus 19th Annual Bull Sale – Feb. 17, 2018
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19th Annual Production  Sale
         REICH ANGUS

         Saturday, February 17, 2018
                    1 p.m. CST • Zap, ND

        Time:  1 p.m. CST (Mercer Co. is on Central Time)
        Location :  At the ranch, 4.5 miles south and 0.5 miles east of
          Zap, N.D., on County Road 13.
        Auction eer ;
          Shane Wolff, Golden Valley, N.D. ....(701) 983-4573
        Sale Day Phon e Number s:
          (701) 873-5155 • (701) 873-2551
          (701) 873-5454 • (701) 873-4582
        Free Winter ing & Deliver :  We will keep all the bulls
          free of charge until delivery. The bulls will be semen tested and
          delivered free within 300 miles of Zap. Bring a trailer sale day
          and deduct $100 per bull.
        Heifer  Bulls:  The bulls we recommend to use on heifers
          are noted next to the pedigrees. This is based on EPDs, personal
          judgement, birth weight, observation at birth and past experi-
          ence of the cow or bull. This does not mean you will not have
          to pull any calves, but hopefully most will come unassisted. As
          cattle producers, you know what works in your program and
          may be able to use bulls other than those recommended.
        Vol ume Discou nt:  Volume discounts of $50 per bull on
          two or more bulls.
        Guar antee:  We know our success depends on our custom-
          ers’ satisfaction, which is why we stand behind our bulls 100%.
          We guarantee all bulls for a 90-day breeding season. If you have
          any problems with our bulls, let us know before Sept. 30 of the
          year they were sold, so we can work out a solution.
        Supplement Sheet:  Scrotal measurements, fi nal weights,
          average daily gain and carcass ultrasound will be be available
          sale day, as well as full EPDs.
        Semen Inter est:  Reich Angus reserves the right to retain
          one-third semen interest in all the bulls. Full possession and
          salvage value sells on all bulls.
        Lunch:  Lunch & refreshments will be available at noon.
        Liability:  The Mardee Reich family assumes no liability for
          accidents or injuries that occur on the sale premises.
        Catalog:  Cow Camp Promotions, Tracey Koester
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