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        Welcome Cattlemen,

        We would like to welcome you to our annual production sale. This year has been a challenging year for
        many. From the raging wildfi res to the severe drought we have had to make tough management decisions
        in times of crisis. We can only pray that 2018 will bring lots of moisture to the area to relieve a lot of these
        drought stressed areas.

        On a much more positive note it is exciting to see the cattle market move in a positive direction. Many of
        us are seeing 2-300 dollars increase in our feeder calves from the previous year. Red Angus heifer calves
        are still topping the market all over the country. The demand for Red Angus sired calves isn’t slowing
        down. The Red Angus breed is growing at a rapid rate and is now the number two breed in the country.   Sam, Emily, Nora, Brynn & Wyatt Twedt
        This is the strongest and deepest set of bulls I have offered. We are putting in about 100 embryos a year now and it is really paying off. You will fi nd many full sibs
        in this offering. It brings uniformity and consistency to this offering. This is our Herd sire, Bieber Driven’s fi rst calf crop. Wow are they impressive. It is also the
        fi rst calf crop of Bieber Laura 158W. Her bulls are also very impressive. We have been adding genetic pieces to the puzzle to improve our herd and offer you the
        best genetics this breed has to offer.

        All of the bulls in this sale are raised by Twedt Red Angus. We do not have any cooperators. We are a small family run operation. I pride myself in knowing my cow
        herd very well. Our cows are run in a very strict manner.  We cull extensively for feet, udder, disposition, and fertility. There are no excuses.

        All of the bulls in the sale have been DNA tested and carcass ultra-sounded which will be provided the day of the sale. We strive in trying to provide you with the
        most data possible to better help you make your genetic selection.
                                                                                                Sam Twedt
        We would like to thank all of our past customers and are excited to meet             2061 95th Ave NE
        new ones. We hope to see you all Feb. 6th at the ranch. Stop out anytime            McHenry, ND  58464
        to see the bulls before then.                                                 (701) 388-4035 • (701) 262-4768

                           Sam Twedt                   •
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