Page 4 - Twedt Red Angus & Ressler Angus Annual Red & Black Bull Sale, Feb. 6, 2018
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Sale Information
                                             Sale Information

           A sale order sheet will be available sale day, along with a supplement   Bulls are kept free of charge until April 1. Free delivery is offered in North
           sheet with scrotal measurements and adjusted yearling weights. Red   Dakota or up to 300 miles on bulls (delivery beyond at cost). We will
           Angus bulls and heifers will sell in catalog order.
                                                                  assist in any way possible to get your bull to you.
        LUNCH: A complimentary sale day lunch will be served.     Leave delivery instructions at settlement time. Delivery on heifers is at
        INSURANCE:                                                buyer’s cost.
           Bulls that are purchased sale day become the buyers’ responsibility as   BREEDING GUARANTEE
           soon as they are sold. We recommend insuring your bulls on sale day if   All bulls are guaranteed breeders and guaranteed healthy on sale day.
           they are staying at the ranch.                         All bulls will be semen tested before delivery. Scrotal measurements will
        TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                      be available sale day. Bulls are guaranteed breeders their fi rst breeding
           Terms of the sale are cash. Phone or mail bids are welcome and may be   season. Pink Eye and Foot Rot shots are available on request at the time
           given to the auctioneer or any of the sale representatives. Live bidding   they are semen tested.
           will be available online at Please review the below   SEMEN INTEREST:
           information and register early so you are approved as a bidder in plenty   Ressler Angus Ranch and Twedt Red Angus will retain a one-third semen
           of time before the sale. Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder. Any   interest in all bulls sold.
           bidding disputes will be settled by the auctioneer. Any person attending
           the sale does so at his/her own risk. Neither the owners, no any person   CATTLE VIEWING:
           connected with this sale assumes any liability, legal or otherwise. Cattle   You are welcome to view the bulls at Ressler Angus Ranch in Cooper-
           will sell according to the terms and conditions suggested by the Red   stown, N.D., any time prior to the sale date. On Monday, February 5, the
           Angus Association of America and/or American Angus Association.  bulls will be moved to the sale location and sorted into pens for viewing
                                                                  on the day of the sale.
           Ressler Angus Ranch/Twedt Red Angus guarantees all bulls selling for   All Twedt Red Angus bulls and heifers will be available for viewing at the
           $2,550 or more against breeding injury for the fi rst breeding season.   sale location and sorted into pens for viewing on the day of the sale.
           Breeding season is defi ned as the 90-day period following the fi rst turnout   VIEW AND BID ONLINE:
           of the bull(s). If a replacement bull is available, he will be provided, or If
           buyer prefers, credit toward one bull will be given in the following year’s
           sale, less salvage value of the injured bull. Under no circumstance will
           Ressler Angus Ranch/Twedt Red Angus be liable for more than the net   Live bidding will be available online at Please review
           purchase price of any bull. Please notify Ressler Angus Ranch/Twedt Red   the information on the inside front cover and register early so you are
           Angus as soon as possible, should such an injury occur, to make your   approved as a bidder in plenty of time before the sale.
           claim and arrange your return of the injured bull. This guarantee ends the
           end of the purchase year.                           PROMOTION AND CATALOG DESIGN
           Should the bull die however, he will not be covered by this guarantee.   Tracey Koester, Cow Camp Promotions .............................(701) 475-2736
           Ressler Angus Ranch/Twedt Red Angus recommends the purchase of the •
           livestock mortality insurance to mitigate this type of loss.  CATALOG PRINTED BY:
                                                                  United Printing, Bismarck, N.D. .........................................(701) 223-0505

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