Page 2 - Wasem Red Angus Annual Production Sale Feb. 15, 2018
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                                               Welcome to our annual Wasem Red Angus bull sale! In life there comes a time when
                                               all good things come to an end. After selling bulls with Peltons for several years, we al
                                               decided to step out on our own this year. We wish Peltons the best of luck with their d
                                                future sales, and are grateful for the years we sold together. With that being said, we
                                                s start a new chapter. We are really excited to be at the Wicks Sale Facility this year. If
                                                y you have not been here, you need to stop out – it is a beautiful facility.  Zane and
                                                Mary Jo have been great to work with and we are excited for sale day!
                                                We have a few new reference sires on our list this year. Some of them will make a
                                                 really nice outcross if you are looking to add some new genetics to your herd. We
                                                 purchased the Bar-E-L Citizen bull from Dave and Lynne Longshore out of Canada
                                                 and are impressed with the style and structure of his calves. Blues 149 C came from
                                                 Lodoen’s L83 Ranch. We used him a little more in our commercial herd and were
                                                 impressed with how his calves looked this fall. His commercial heifers weaned off
                                                 at an average of 678 pounds! We are selling these heifers along with our other
                         commercial heifers with Schrief
                         commercial heifers with Schriefer Red Angus on March 8th at Stockmen’s Livestock. If you are in the market for
                    Certifi ed Red Angus heifers, you won’t want to miss this sale! Fusion is another new sire, his calves were on the smaller
                    side as babies, but have really taken off. They are good looking, thick made cattle! We are offering a few SimAngus bulls
                    this year. They are powerful bulls that will be a great addition to any crossbreeding program.

                    We continue to be impressed by what Power Deal gives us in his offspring. He adds a lot of length and growth to his
                    calves and we are excited to see what his daughters will do this spring. If you want to put some power in your herd, this
                    is the way to go! Most of his sons qualify for the Top Dollar Angus program, and have the ability to put a little more in
                    your pocket come sale day. Big Iron needs no introduction, his calves hit the ground and grow, period. He sired the
                    heaviest calf at weaning at 791 pounds. Crump Forever Red, Mission Statement and Norseman King sons are amongst
                    the offering again this year.

                    We want to thank everyone that has helped us throughout the year! We couldn’t do this alone, and we are fortunate to
                    have great friends, neighbors and family that make this possible. Thank you to our customers for your support and trust
                    in our program. We strive to raise cattle that will
                    make it out there in the real world, being effi cient,   40 Certifi ed Red Angus Commercial Heifers
                    profi table and having longevity. We love it when
                    your cattle top the market on sale day!                    sell March 8, 2018, at
                                                                   Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange, Dickinson, ND,
                    See you on sale day~                               in conjunction with Schriefer Red Angus.
                    Chris, Jolyn, Kacee and Braelyn Wasem

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