Page 4 - Wasem Red Angus Annual Production Sale Feb. 15, 2018
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                                                                             SALE INFORMATIONINFORMATION

            Bid Online!                       The        ivestoc                                  K        TM

          If you are unable to attend the sale,     Videoing • Video Sales • Clerking  Link
           you can register to watch or bid
           online through Th   e Livestock Link
            by following these instructions:

                                                       • Bid-by-Click Online Sales

                 •  Visit our website,
                 •  Click the “Online Auctions” tab
                 •  Click on “Click Here to Register”
                 •  Enter your e-mail address and password, and fi ll out all your contact information
                 •  Fill out your Banking Information. If you are only viewing the sale and do not wish to bid, this information
                     can be left  blank.
                 •  Check the checkbox at the bottom of the page that says “I’m not a robot” to prove you are a real person
                 •  Click “Register” at the bottom of the page
                 •  You will receive an email with a link to activate your account.
                 •  Please register to bid at least 24 hours in advance of the sale.
                 •  Contact Aaron Friedt at (701) 590-9597 for help or with any questions.

                 You will receive an email when you are approved for bidding. All applications will be reviewed and processed promptly. You will re-
                 ceive a bidder number only aft er you have made a purchase in the sale, and that number will only be used at that sale. When the sale
                 is completed, please contact the sale owner or manager for instructions of payment and delivery of your purchase.
                                           To use our service, you must have access to High Speed Internet.
                 Contact Aaron Friedt at (701) 590-9597 or  Jared Peterson at (605) 641-7573

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