Page 3 - C-B Charolais Annual Production Sale Bulls Heifers Red Angus-X– March 27, 2018
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                               Welcome to our 32nd Annual
                               Production Sale.
                               We would like to invite you to
                               come to see our offering of cattle
                               we have this year. We feel the
                               bulls are a strong set of bulls that
                               will go out in the breeding pasture
                               and do a great job. The genetics
                               behind them are going to help
                               you our customer produce the
                               best set of calves possible. The
                               buyers of these Charolais-cross
                               calves are paying top dollar over
                               and over at the sale barns. It is so
                               satisfying for me to see or hear
                               our customers selling their calves
                               at a premium and also enjoying
                               the extra weight on the calves too.
                               The bulls in this sale will make
                               you extra money when you sell
                               your calves.
                               The older bulls in the sale will
                               offer again some age to go out
                               and breed a few more cows. They
                               are all half-brothers sired by our
                               Ricky bull. Uniformity runs deep
        in them and quality as well. The Yearling bulls are a great set. This
        year we won’t have any Topshelf sons in the sale but there will be
        a lot of bulls out of his daughters which will be noticed greatly. His
        infl uence will carry on thru out the offering. We have a very even
        set of open heifers this year. We think they will go out and be great
        mama cows.
        Our offering of Commercial pairs this year are outstanding. They
        are truly the best we have ever had with all the calves AI sired by
        Wrangler 601. The heifers are all milking very well and the calves
        are growing great. A beautiful set of mostly steer calves will be
        presented. Very strong ratio on steers.

        We want to thank our past customers. Your loyalty to our program
        does not go unnoticed. Also we invite new customers to join our
        program, we will not disappoint you. We are here after the sale for
        you as well.

        Hope to see you on March 27th, we will start serving lunch before
        the sale so hope you can join us for that. Sale starts at 5:30 p.m.

        Sincerely, Curtis Brown

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