Page 2 - Green Mountain Red Angus Bull Production Sale – March 20, 2018
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        Welcome                                                                      GREEN MOUNTAIN RED ANGUSAIN RED ANGUS
                                                                                     GREEN MOUNT

                                                        Welcome to Green Mountain RED Angus

                                                        The Red Angus breed continues to be on the rise with high demand and market-
                                                        topping prices, as well as more and more cattlemen bringing Red Angus into their
                                                        herds. Over this last year we attended several Superior sales and every time a set of
                                                        quality Red Angus cattle came across the block, you could just feel the excitement
                                                        level in the room go up several notches. Red Angus heifers topped the sale for every
                                                        weight class from 460 to 690 pounds at the Bighorn Classic Superior Sale. No other
                                                        cattle of any other breed were able keep up with that kind of demand.

                                        Jim, Bob,       We are so honored to have been a part of this great breed for 35 years now. We have
                                      Julie and Tom     watched it rise from the days when no one had even heard of Red Angus, to the
                                                        days when everyone questioned why we raised Red Angus because we could do so
                                                        much better if we had Black Angus, to our current status of enjoying the popularity
                                   and recognition of this great breed of cattle. Just the fact that you have this catalog in your hands means you are
                                   making a great choice in contemplating the purchase of Red Angus bulls this year, whether you have been buying
                                   Red Angus for years and continuing to do so, or if this is your fi rst year of capitalizing on purchasing Red Angus
                                   bulls and all they have to offer.

                                   This catalog contains a great set of genetic opportunity bulls. We have always raised cattle to be able to work in
            Sutton, JD, Jeremy     some of the harshest conditions and still thrive, keeping an eye towards functionality, from feet and leg structure,
                and Laney          to udders, capacity and muscle pattern. We believe you can breed for both phenotype and genotype and you will
                                   see functional cattle that carry some of the best, breed-leading EPDs you can fi nd. All bulls have genomically en-
                                   hanced EPDs and have been evaluated for Top Dollar Angus and the new Premium Red Baldy program. Premium
        Red Baldy is a tagging program designed to take advantage of hybrid vigor by maximizing the best traits of both Red Angus and Hereford and providing
        commercial producers with premium replacement females. This program, targeting only heifers, will generate females for the commercial producer by
        emphasizing longevity, fertility, adaptability and effi ciency. Look for the Top Dollar and Red Baldy logos on the bulls in this catalog that qualify for those

        This year was a year of change for Green Mountain Red Angus. We are so excited to announce that Tom graduated from MSU this past spring with a de-
        gree in Animal Science with an emphasis on Livestock Management, and a degree in Welding, and has moved home to become a vital part of the ranch.
        Jim continues to be enrolled in the MSU School of Photography. This past year he won the Red Angus Association of America photo contest and contin-
        ues to document our way of life on the ranch. As of this February, we said good bye to Jeremy and JD Dunbar and their family. Jeremy was provided a
        wonderful opportunity to move to a ranch very close to his family south of Missoula, MT. We miss them very much, but wish them the best in their new
        endeavor. They will always have a special place as a part of Green Mountain Red Angus, and will still feature bulls in this sale.
        Whether you are a seasoned Red Angus cattleman or new to the breed, the crew at Green Mountain Red Angus would like to thank you for putting your
        trust in our program. We hope you enjoy looking at the genetic packages offered here as much as we enjoyed putting this information together!
                                                   Bob, Julie and Tom

          Get off 1-90 at the Logan Exit, #283. Go north and take a left on the frontage road. Proceed west toward Three Forks, about 1/2 mile. Take a right onto Logan
          Trident Road, heading north. The road immediately crosses the Gallatin River and the railroad tracks, as shown on the map. Green Mountain Red Angus is 2
          miles from the railroad tracks. Watch for the large Green Mountain Red Angus sign.

         Green Mountain Red Angus              GMRA is a certifi ed Brucellosis-Free Herd • GMRA has no known carriers of any genetic defect in any pedigree.
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