Page 4 - Green Mountain Red Angus Bull Production Sale – March 20, 2018
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        Information                                                                  GREEN MOUNT
                                                                                     GREEN MOUNTAIN RED ANGUSAIN RED ANGUS

                                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS
           1.  The terms of the sale are cash unless prior arrangements have been made.
           2.  Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder. The person in charge will settle any disputes as to bids, and his decision on such matters
              shall be fi nal.
           3.  Any announcement from the seller on sale day will take precedence over printed material.
           4.  Health certifi cates will be furnished for shipment anywhere in the United States.
           5.  Each animal becomes buyer’s risk as soon as sold; but it shall be the obligation of the seller to see that animals are fed and cared for, free
              of charge to purchaser, until loaded for shipment or until the expiration of April 1st of the current year.
           6.  Retained Interest: Green Mountain Red Angus is retaining one-third revenue share interest in all bulls in the sale. We reserve the right to
              participate in the collection and marketing of semen. Buyers receive two-thirds interest, full possession and full salvage value. If seller
              wishes to collect semen for in-herd use only it will be at seller’s expense and the buyer’s convenience. If the buyer wishes to share in the
              collection costs and keep his share for in-herd use that is their choice.
           7.  All claims for adjustment or refund must be made in writing within six months of the sale date. In the event an animal is claimed to be a
              non-breeder, the Seller shall be entitled to six months’ trial following the return of the animal in which to prove the animal is a breeder. If at
              the end of six months the Seller is unable to prove the animal is a breeder, restitution shall be made, in compliance with the terms set forth
              by the Red Angus Association of America. Any expenses incurred for transporting the animal shall be the buyer’s responsibility.
           8.  Everyone attending this sale does so at their own risk. Owners, clerks or other helpers do not assume responsibility, legal or otherwise, for
              damages of any kind.
           9.  A certifi cate of registry and transfer will be furnished for each animal sold as a registered animal, after settlement has been made.
           10.  The above terms and conditions shall constitute a contract between the buyer and seller of each animal sold.
                           These cattle do sell in accordance with the Sale Terms and Conditions
                                     set forth by the Red Angus Association of America.

        2 – Green Mountain Red Angus           GMRA is a certifi ed Brucellosis-Free Herd • GMRA has no known carriers of any genetic defect in any pedigree.
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