Page 5 - Leland-Koester Red Angus Production Sale Brochure March 9, 2018
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Greetings from Leland Red Angus and Koester Red Angus,
        Thank you for your interest in our 2018 sale off ering. We are confi dent that these ca  le have been produced and developed to comple-
        ment the commercial values our customers seek. We understand that genetic selections made this year can have a long-term impact.
        For that reason, we have utilized all of the technology available to predict how our ca  le will perform. Extensive DNA testing and
        accurate reporting of all data in the largest possible contemporary groups is part of this process. For decades, we have also recorded,
        selected and culled for traits not measured by a computer such as disposition, fl eshing ability and foot and udder structure – traits
        that require good old cowboy logic.
        Our bulls are developed at our own ranch facilities on a total mixed ration formulated for adequate growth, but mild enough to
        protect their fertility and longevity. Bulls are started on only roughage and gradually transitioned to a low mega-cal ration that never
        exceeds 46 meg/cal, contrary to many development rations that exceed 50 meg.
        To assist our customers in obtaining the greater return on their investment, we actively solicit and participate in meaningful premium
        market programs. Among them is the Feeder Calf Certifi cation Program (FCCP).  We will pay for a bag of 25 FCCP tags per bull pur-
        chased at our 2018 sale.  FCCP-enrolled calves have historically received substantial premiums at market time as these tags provide
        genetic and source verifi cation, a factor of value for both domestic and export markets.
        In addition, Leland and Koester are Seedstock Partners with Top Dollar Angus, which enables us to sponsor the enrollment of our
        customers’ ca  le that qualify. By buying bulls in our sale that are identifi ed with the Top Dollar Angus logo, our customers can
        develop ca  le that genetically qualify for Top Dollar Angus premiums, regardless of how they are marketed. To learn more, contact
        Kenny Stauff er at 308-641-0429 or
        We are commi  ed to supplying trusted performance and quality backed by the latest science-based technology, as well as sound,
        manageable ca  le with emphasis on structure, economic convenience and adaptability. We are focused on your profi tability. Please
        feel free to contact us for any assistance or information needed.
        Thank you very much for your continued business.

                                                                                                2018 Pre-Sale Update • 5
                                                                                                2018 Pre-Sale Update • 5
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