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Red Angus Guide to EPDs

          HB ...... HerdBuilder Index – Need bulls for developing a profi table cowherd and   CEM .... Calving Ease Maternal – Another number to pay attention to if you are
          maximizing the value of marketed progeny? Select a bull with a high HB value.  retaining heifers. Selecting bulls with a high CEM will increase the probability of those
          GM ...... GridMaster Index – If you market all of your calf crop and want to increase   daughters calving unassisted.
          the value of that calf crop, select a bull with a high GM value to maximize your profi t.  STAY.... Stayability – The most important trait if your goal is developing cows that
          CED ..... Calving Ease Direct – Breeding Heifers? Select bulls with a high CED to   stay productive, thus increasing your profi tability. Bulls that have a high Stay EPD are
          increase the probability that the heifers will calve unassisted.  expected to sire daughters that remain productive in the herd until at least 6 years of
          BW...... Birth Weight – Predicts differences in birth weight. BW is included in the CED
          EPD, so simplify your decisions by selecting bulls based on CED instead of BW.  MARB .. Marbling Score – Select bulls with high MARB EPD to increase the number of
                                                               progeny that grade Choice or Prime.
          WW ..... Weaning Weight and YW ....Yearling Weight – Predicts differences in weight
          at weaning and yearling. While selection based on these growth measures can   YG ...... Yield Grade – Marketing calves on a grid? Placing selection pressure on YG
          increase your payweight, be cautious as to what the bull’s other EPDs are.  EPD will decrease the number of YG discounts on grid-marketed progeny.
          Milk .... Milk – Predicts differences in weaning weight of daughter’s progeny due to   CW...... Carcasss Weight – Selecting bulls with a high CW EPD will increase the weight
          milk production.                                     of the hanging carcass, which directly impacts revenue.
          ME ...... Maintenance Energy – Selecting bulls with a lower ME EPD will decrease the   REA ..... Rib Eye Area – Need to add muscle? Select bulls with a high REA EPD to
          amount of feed his daughters will require to maintain body weight.  increase rib eye area, which favorably increases Yield Grade.
          HPG..... Heifer Pregnancy – Retaining heifers? Select bulls with a high HPG to   FAT ..... Backfat – Need to reduce waste in carcasses? Select bulls with a low FAT EPD
          increase the percentage of exposures that result in a calving observation.  to reduce backfat, which favorably increases Yield Grade.

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