Page 8 - Leland & Koester Red Angus Annual Production Sale Bulls and Heifers – March 9, 2018
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           LELAND BULL DEVELOPMENT                                KOESTER BULL DEVELOPMENT
           The bulls are weaned in early October and placed on a   The fall-born bulls are weaned in March and put on a high-
           roughage-only ration until bunk broke. The following two   roughage ration until we have green grass – hopefully in
           months they are fed a low, 42 mega-cal ration of chopped   late May. The bulls summer on grass and protein blocks to
           hay, haybet silage, cracked corn, mineral supplement and   encourage slow but steady growth for optimum longevity and
           Mix 30 vegetable fat. From mid-December until weigh-   fertility.
           off, they are increased to a 46 mega-cal ration by simply   In September, we bring the bulls into the lot and put them
           increasing the corn and Mix 30. This ration is signifi cantly   on a 46 mega-cal ration consisting of chopped hay, alfalfa
           lower energy than the 50-55 mega-cal ration most bulls   haylage, sorghum-sudan haylage, cracked corn and DDGs.
           are developed on. Our intent is to allow them to exhibit   The bulls stay on this ration until sale time.
           their potential for growth without developing excessive fat
           deposits which are negative to fertility.              We strive to promote steady growth, sound foot development
                                                                  and healthy, active potency so they are prolifi c breeders and
           LELAND HEIFER DEVELOPMENT                              maintain their body condition throughout breeding season.
           The heifers are wintered on a roughage-only ration to
           restrict the ADG to no more than 1.5 lbs per day which is
           optimal for breeding performance.


          Purchases are the responsibility of the         Option A – Mortality Only
          new owner. We strongly encourage you to            Annual – 5.8% • 6 months – 3.5%
          insure your bulls. Coverage for mortality          Claims paid at 100% of insured value
          and accident, sickness and disease (ASD)        Option B – Mortality + Accident, Sickness Disease Infertilty
          infertility is affordable and a good business      Annual – 10.3% (11.3% in ND, SD & NE)
          practice. Ask for specifi c details at the          Claims paid at 100% of insured value, 80% for ASD loss
          clerking desk or contact:                          Option C – 6 months – 6.75% all states
                                                          Option D – Mortality + Accident, Sickness Disease Infertilty
                                                             Annual – 12.3% (12.8% in ND, SD & NE)
                                                             Claims paid at 100% for either mortality loss or ASD loss
                  Jerry L. Gliko • 406-860-3181              Option E – 6 months – 8.5% all states
                                                          *All claim payments are less salvage value, if any. Minimum policy premium is $200.

                                  GENOMICALLY ENHANCED EPDS

                                           All sale bulls have been DNA profi led through GeneSeek’s GGP-LD test.
                                        This ensures our
                                                                  For those who would
                                        customers have
                                                                  like to gain even more
                                        the most accurate
                                                                  genetic knowledge
           information available to make their purchasing decisions.
                                                                  of your cowherd,
           With the GGP-LD profi le, the bulls’ EPDs now have the same
                                                                  consider testing
           accuracy as they would with their fi rst calf crop reported and
                                                                  your replacement heifers with RAAA’s Red Navigator test,
           registered through the Red Angus Association of America.
                                                                  specifi cally designed for high-percentage Red Angus females.
           The GGP-LD test also verifi es parentage so you are assured   •  EPD percentile rankings for all traits
           of the bloodlines you are buying.                         •  Sire verifi cation (if sire is DNA profi led)
                                                                     •  Follow-up from RAAA Marketing Team Member
           We trust in the science behind the genomics and are
                                                                     •  Potential qualifi cation tool into Top Dollar Angus
           committed to ensure more value in your purchases,
           increasing the profi tability of your calf crop.        Identify your top replacements before breeding!
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