Page 2 - Red Hill Farms Black and Red Angus and SimGenetics Bulls – March 17, 2018
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Dear Friends,

        We are pleased to share our catalog and welcome you to our 13th Annual “More
        than a Bull” sale at Red Hill Farms. We are thankful to all our past customers and
        to the many commercial producers and purebred breeders who have studied and
        expressed interest in our cattle. In each of the last four Red Hill spring sales, bulls
        have sold into 13 states. It is humbling to learn of the success our customers are
        having with Red Hill genetics. Our goal is to provide practical breeding stock to
        improve the profi tability of our customers. We pride ourselves in offering you, the
        customer, the results of our comprehensive records system – from birth to rail to
        cowherd records – and sharing all the information with you.
        We have made every effort to provide information to simplify selection decisions.
        We realize that the number of EPDs available has continued to increase, and decid-
        ing how to use the entire array can be challenging. However, a logical solution is
        the use of selection indices - a procedure that combines all the EPDs into a $ value.
        We provide genomically enhanced EPDs on every bull and those EPDs are used to
        calculate the index values. We have tremendous confi dence in these indices and
        use them in our own selection programs. We are proud that our bulls rank near the
        top of each breed. We encourage you to take note of the percentile rankings given
        for each EPD and index. This value gives the relative ranking within each breed.

        We welcome you to join us on Friday for our cow herd tours and evening “Cattle
        Talk”. The Friday evening program will feature Dr. Nevil Speer, Vice President of
        U.S. Operations, AgriClear, Inc. speaking on “Improving Profi tability by Capturing
        the Value of Superior Genetics and Management.”

        A major reward of the seedstock business is the opportunity to enjoy the friendship
        and fellowship of our customers and fellow breeders. Visitors are always welcome
        to visit our farm to study our cattle, records, and production system. We also enjoy
        the opportunity to answer questions relative to the cattle and our operation. After
        reviewing the catalog, please contact us with any questions you might have. We
        hope to see you on March 16 and 17.

                                                       Bart, Sarah and Ty Jones
                                                       Gordon and Susan Jones
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