Page 7 - Red Hill Farms Black and Red Angus and SimGenetics Bulls – March 17, 2018
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Sale Information                             Red Hill Farms – 2018
        INSURANCE:  As an additional service to their customers, Red Hill Farms is offering to
          pay ½ of the premium for mortality and infertility* insurance on any animal purchased
          at More than a Bull Sale XIII on March 17th! We have partnered with livestock insurance
          representative, Ben Ballou, of Lafayette, TN, to provide the coverage. While we have
          always guaranteed our bulls, this policy goes above and beyond to cover the risks of
          disease, accidents and death. Please call Ben at 615-633-2131 or email at
  for more information. He will also be available on sale day
          to answer any questions.

               PREMIUM: 12.3% of purchase price for full mortality and ASD infertility for
               bulls. Red Hill Farms agrees to pay 6.15%, buyer agrees to pay 6.15%. Policy
               will be in effect for 1 year.
               COVERAGE: The policy provides coverage for death from natural causes or
               humane destruction as a result of a life-threatening injury. The endorsement for
               Accident, Sickness & Disease (ASD) Infertility provides coverage in the event of
               permanent impotency, infertility or the bull’s inability to naturally service cows as
               a result of an accident, sickness or disease sustained during the policy.
               VALUE: The Purchase Price of the bull is considered to be the insured value on
               the policy.

           All claims must be immediately reported to the insurance company. All mortality claims
          made to the Company require a post mortem examination by a Veterinarian. Under the
          ASD Infertility extension of coverage, the animal’s inability to naturally service cows
          must be diagnosed by a Veterinarian. The Company may require a second examination
          to affi rm infertility.
           This is an abbreviated summation of the actual policy terms and conditions. Please read
          the entire policy for full coverage details.

           *Infertility insurance only available on breeding-age bulls

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