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           Thank you for your interest in our program and welcome to our annual production sale. We have been breeding Gelbvieh cattle for
           34 years and continue to be thankful for the support of the great people that we have been associated with in this business.

           Our goal continues to be to provide you with the best Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics available, with calves sired by top AI sires and
           National Champion bulls. We believe the Gelbvieh breed offers the best combination of disposition, maternal excellence and growth
           of any breed.
           Videos of each sale lot will be posted on our website. Online bidding will be available through

           Again, thank you for your continued interest and confi dence in our breeding program. Give us a call, visit our website at www.
  or e-mail us at for information or a catalog. We enjoy visiting with you about your
           program and will do our best to assist you in making your selections. We look forward to seeing you on sale day.

           The Offering                                        Something to Watch For
           This year we are again offering both purebred Gelbvieh and   Watch for Dams of Merit and Distinction in the footnotes. These
           Balancer bulls.  We are also offering 25 bred heifers selected   are high-producing cows identifi ed by the AGA. Fewer than 5%
           from the heart of our program.                      of Gelbvieh cows achieve Dam of Merit status; and fewer than
                                                               1% achieve Dam of Distinction status. Our herd currently ranks
           Our Program
           We are fi rm believers in balanced-trait selection, putting   third in the nation for number of Dams of Merit and Dams of
           emphasis on many different areas including disposition, calving   Distinction.
           ease, performance, maternal traits, structural soundness, eye   Schedule and Terms
           appeal, EPDs and carcass traits. We believe that by not creep   At 10:30 a.m,. the bulls with be penned for viewing and the
           feeding we are better able to select our replacement females,   complimentary lunch will be served at noon. The sale will be at
           and feel we are on the right track as our fi rst-calf heifers   1 p.m. in the heated sale barn, with telephone and online bidding
           continue to put a large number of high-quality calves in the sale   available for those unable to attend.
           each year.
                                                               As always, we guarantee satisfaction on all sight-unseen
           We are pleased with the consistency of our offering this year as   purchases. Geneseek DNA profi les, homozygous polled and
           the bulls weaned off heavier and have been more heavily culled   homozygous black information, adjusted yearling weights and
           than ever. The calves have been doing great in spite of the harsh   scrotal measurements will be available online and on sale day.
           weather. We continue to feed a total mixed ration of homegrown   We will deduct $50 off the purchase price of any bull taken home
           feeds and distillers grain for a moderate 3.5-pound average daily   on sale day. Or, buyers can pay half on sale day and we will feed
           gain after weaning that will keep the bulls sound and maintain   the bulls free until April 1. After April 1, there will be a $2/day feed
                                                               charge. Please call if we can assist you with these services.

           Dennis & Sherry Gustin and Family       Richie & Sarah Heinrich               Al & Peggy Gustin
            5135 Hwy 6 • Mandan, ND 58554     3081 55th Ave SE • Medina, ND 58467           5125 Hwy 6
                    (701) 663-7266                  Sarah: (701) 400-3563                Mandan, ND 58554
                  (701) 400-3483 cell               Richie: (701) 320-6484                 (701) 663-1230


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