Page 8 - Gustin Diamond D Gelbvieh Annual Production Sale
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                                   REFERENCE SIRES
                                                                        N        CONNEALY RIGHT ANSWER 746
                                                                               Black •   Angus • Polled   •   Sire
                                                                 BD:   1/13/07  BW:   76  Adj. WW:    882  Adj. YW:   1506
                                                                                             SITZ TRAVELER 8180
                                                                   S A V FINAL ANSWER 0035
                                                                                               S A V EMULOUS 8145
                                                                                               HYLINE RIGHT TIME 338
                                                                   HAPPY DELL OF CONANGA 262
                                                                                               HAPPY DAZE OF CONANGA 6260
                                                                CED  BW  WW  YW  CEM  M  MW  CW BW  WW  YW  CEM  M  MW  CW   MB   $F   $B
                                                                                               MB  REA  $W REA  $W
                                                                   12   -.5   63  115  9   29  34   35   .53  -.05  81.26  82.16  105.36
                                                                   We added this Final Answer son this year as a calving-ease sire that doesn’t sacrifi ce
                                                               performance, and he didn’t disappoint. Watch for his calves in the sale.
                         Connealy Right Answer 746
                                                                    O            HXC CONQUEST 4405P
                                                                             Red • Red Angus • Polled • Sire
                                                                 BD:   1/24/04  BW:   69  Adj. WW:   664  Adj. YW:   1285
                                                                                              BKT JULIAN 7526 G
                                                                   BECKTON JULIAN GG B571
                                                                                              BKT MARTA 9A13 JL
                                                                                              BFCK CHEROKEE CNYN 4912
                                                                   HXC ELLIE MAY MA638
                                                                                              HXC 529E
                                                                                               MB  YG YG
                                                                 HB   GM  CED  BW  WW  YW  M CED  BW  WW  YW  M   ST   MB   CW  REA REA   F F
                                                                137  53  16  -6.1 61  98  24  12  0.63 0.04  20  0.14  0.02
                                                                   A moderate-framed Red Angus AI sire we used to lower birthweights and add thickness to
                                                               his calves. We are very happy with the performance and eye appeal this sire adds. With a
                                                               -6.1 birthweight EPD and a 99 yearling EPD, he puts it all together.
                           HXC Conquest 4405P
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